So, a poem about going for it

At a meeting Trying to engage Keeping a smile on Feigning interest Pretending to be invested Longing to be inspired Knowing it is impossible Gotta have my own Until I do, I must suffer Creators are restless We need to do our craft Suppression is pain Sleep is kept at a minimal Unless the creation […]

So, don’t you hate it when you are smarter than who you work for? (let’s change that!)

So, I am a smart lady. Not Einstein level, but I have a pretty good balance of book and street smarts. I don’t have to drone on about how many degrees I have because education doesn’t = intelligence. I know people with no formal education who are very successful. They either have mega experience, or […]

So, some say that magic happens with faith, trust and pixie dust… Steps to really making it happen!

So, Faith and Trust in God and yourself and the process, whatever you are trying to achieve are EXCELLENT places to start. But the magic part- not so easy. Things rarely just happen for people. I mean honestly, I can actually name a list of jerks who that seems to be the case with. But […]

So, 4 ways to let go of the green-eyed monster (for good)

So, we have all been there. We have heard a friend, co-worker or even stranger talk about an upcoming trip or house they purchased and felt a twinge of envy. It is one of the deadly sins so you would think that it would be logic to not be envious. But that list of sins […]

So, stop being unhappy doing what you’re doing and do what you desire!

So, I got another side gig-low paying, but more money coming in so that’s good. As I was sitting through video training today, all I could think of was: Why am I sitting here? Why am I listening to this? The owner is fantastic-peppy and cute and I like her, but I was bored and […]

So, everyone wants to be loaded or known or both…

So, everyone wants to be rich, but don’t riches come with work most of the time? I mean there are the Trump’s, the Rockefeller’s, the Carnegie’s. But someone, somewhere in those families sacrificed a hell of a lot. They either were involved in major illegal activities, risked life and limb to provide for their families […]

So, I am on day 4 of 30 runs…

I haven’t mentioned this before probably, but I am in this Facebook group where we do 30 runs in 30 days. I jog/walk mostly, but hey- I am doing it! I was so excited today to do 2.2 miles in 25 minutes. Probably sounds terrible to some of you because you may be able to […]

So, I had a good but busy couple of days

We went to a pub sing, hosted a Valentine’s party, rearranged our place, and got rid of things (again). I feel still a bit tired, but also renewed. I am feeling great because my place looks great and I started doing this winter challenge where I have to do at least 2 miles a day. […]

So, life is a gift. Why don’t most of us treat it as such?

So there is always tomorrow right? For many people that is not the case. There are no days left. There time to depart from earth has come, but I am sure that if they could communicate with those of us who are lucky enough to be alive, they would tell us to wake the hell […]