So, a poem on being done with it all, except greatness…

I’m fed up, I’m done, but not finished. I can no longer hold back. There is greatness inside of me. I am too sparkly to be dulled. There are too many good ideas. Many great theories to share. I can no longer quell them. Ineptness from “superiors” drains me. So, no more talking the talk. […]

So, here are some tips to getting motivated!

I am so motivated on some days and other days, I am all like: Moti-what? There are times when I want to stay under the fluffy down comforter and barely peek above the top of it except to rub my fat feline. Then there are days where I am super-organized, super-excited. Super-motivated! These are some […]

So, I am on day 4 of 30 runs…

I haven’t mentioned this before probably, but I am in this Facebook group where we do 30 runs in 30 days. I jog/walk mostly, but hey- I am doing it! I was so excited today to do 2.2 miles in 25 minutes. Probably sounds terrible to some of you because you may be able to […]

So, how do people become so popular?

I know people online who have a quarter of a million followers. What on earth do they do to have that many? Is there a special charisma or that X-Factor that makes them stand out from the rest? I know that some people are just great singers or writers and some people are not shy […]