So, a Manical Monday Motivation

So, today I am sick after a wonderful bday celebration. So my message will be short. Enjoy. Every. Moment. Spending time with my 2 favorite people on earth made me pause in front of that massively gorgeous and scary ocean. I breathed in not only salty air, but the blessing of being there and having […]

So, Another Motivational post for that Manic Monday

SO, time to motivate myself and others. At the beginning of each week I feel like we all need a boost or encouragement to get geared up for the week. Today’s message, is basic. Be you. Your uniqueness and individuality are a blessing to those in your life and to the world as a whole. […]

So, a poem on being done with it all, except greatness…

I’m fed up, I’m done, but not finished. I can no longer hold back. There is greatness inside of me. I am too sparkly to be dulled. There are too many good ideas. Many great theories to share. I can no longer quell them. Ineptness from “superiors” drains me. So, no more talking the talk. […]

So, 2 real factors as to how big time bloggers do as well as they do…

So, of course I want to have tons of followers. I want to be hip. I want to be cool. I want people to rush to get out of bed to read my blog. Don’t we all haha? But honestly, what I long for more, is relationships with other writers and true engagement. And I […]

So, stop being unhappy doing what you’re doing and do what you desire!

So, I got another side gig-low paying, but more money coming in so that’s good. As I was sitting through video training today, all I could think of was: Why am I sitting here? Why am I listening to this? The owner is fantastic-peppy and cute and I like her, but I was bored and […]

So, everyone wants to be loaded or known or both…

So, everyone wants to be rich, but don’t riches come with work most of the time? I mean there are the Trump’s, the Rockefeller’s, the Carnegie’s. But someone, somewhere in those families sacrificed a hell of a lot. They either were involved in major illegal activities, risked life and limb to provide for their families […]