So, Whiplash with Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons was emotional, terrifying, yet winning

Photo courtesy of The New Yorker, Whiplash, Teller and Simmons 2014

So, I took some much needed chill time with my soon to be high school senior, and watched a movie, Whiplash, with Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons. Though she big time denies it, she only wanted watch it for Teller. She is not a movie person, she is totally a play/musical kind of person because […]

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So, how do people become so popular?

I know people online who have a quarter of a million followers. What on earth do they do to have that many? Is there a special charisma or that X-Factor that makes them stand out from the rest? I know that some people are just great singers or writers and some people are not shy […]

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So, what is it about theatre and tears, for me at least?

My kiddo has been in productions since Christmas, and I have seen an additional one as of yesterday and every time-tears!!! All of the plays have been so different, one that was sad about immigrating to America, but had tons of funny moments. One classic Broadway play, then Hairspray, and the one I saw yesterday-“Into […]

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