So, what is toxic masculinity? Really?

In today’s late edition of- Wednesday’s Wit, Wisdom, Wondering and Whatnot, we will discuss toxic masculinity. Of course I understand the definition, my title was merely rhetorical. Most of us know the meaning because we hear this term all day everyday and about half of the time it “triggers” me, as my daughter says. Because it is often misused or just overused.

Today, men, especially straight men are villainized in the way that Christians or black people are. I get so sick of people clumping all of any group together or loosely applying it to a majority of any one group. Like- Christian’s are bigoted and men are chauvinists or black people are criminals. You get the point. Blind ignorance.

Toxic masculinity the term really started being thrown around after the Women’s March and the Me Too Movement. But just like the “Good Ole Boy Network” and “Rape Culture” are terrible, so is treating men as a whole like they are either not needed or all vile perpetrators. This ‘down with the patriarchy’ thing is understandable, for sure.

Women all over the world have been oppressed and in some religions and regions of the world are still definitely treated as second or third class citizens. No doubt. But attacking every man in sight is definitely adding to cultural tensions and is counterproductive, 100 percent. I am all for independent women and women building up other women. But does that mean we need to tear our men down?

And by the way for those who need help understanding, none of us would be living or breathing or typing if it wasn’t for a man. You know it does take ‘2 to tango’ or to make a baby.:) So yeah, even a crap dad like mine was worth something because he is halfway responsible for my being here to talk about it.

I am probably preaching to the choir and most of the people that read this blog are probably not the type to over use terms like this without thinking. These popular news bite terms get tossed around on social media and casual conversation. They then become ensconced in our daily lives in a way that is not so positive or in ways that just make no sense.

Of course we all have groups of people that annoy us or frustrate us or that we can’t relate to. Everyone has a bias or a prejudice. If you say you don’t you are either related to Mother Teresa or are lying through your teeth. But bashing and attacking any one group is not going to help your cause. It doesn’t help anyone grow and only hurts and deepens wounds and conflict.

I think it is ok for men to be rough and tough and watch sports or to knit and read books and go to Broadway plays, whatever makes them happy. Judging the sex of a person is just as wrong as judging sexual orientation of someone. But assuming that all men are over sexual bullies is preposterous. However, I do think it is correct to call people out who truly are doing something terrible and violating and harmful. Absotively, Posilutely. It is mandatory that we stand up for wrongdoing.

But as humans we have got to learn to use better terminology towards each other, period. I completely get why some of these terms were adopted or adapted to fit certain personas. But it is extremely dangerous and irresponsible to target a group of people, many who are innocents, and label them as evil. Our emotions towards wrong have to be directed properly or we become the toxic ones. You don’t have to agree with me, I just urge you to consider what I am saying.

Just a thought for this Wednesday evening…




So, Another Motivational post for that Manic Monday

SO, time to motivate myself and others. At the beginning of each week I feel like we all need a boost or encouragement to get geared up for the week.

Today’s message, is basic. Be you. Your uniqueness and individuality are a blessing to those in your life and to the world as a whole. Just like what I am saying is nothing new. But, I am conveying the point in my own way and voice. Yes others have said it before, but different people perceive things in different ways and respond to certain points or ways of expression.

For instance, you can take a geometry class as a child and totally not understand what your teacher is saying but the go to a tutor and immediately comprehend and can relate to it. The point is that yes, there is “nothing new under the sun”. But it doesn’t mean that there is not enough room for everyone to shine or to do what drives them. We may not all be the best in our field or a household name, but it doesn’t mean we don’t hold value. We all do. God makes no mistakes.

I was reading on IG yesterday, someone whom I have followed for sometime, was telling people to stay in their own lane. And that if they aren’t original and did not start a particular business, then basically they are nothing and don’t need to copy others. I almost hit unfollow and may still do that. But I was surprised that so many of her usual disciples (there are 100K), went after her. They pointed out her cockiness and the lunacy of her brief but scorching commentary. I was stoked. Because what she said was just plain ignorant. She got her million by reading books by people who paved the way for her success. As a matter of fact, she took pictures of all of the “greats” she was reading, in real estate, finance, business and encouraged others to follow suit.

Her ridiculousness prompted me to write this today. We all have something special to give and our voice should be heard. Whether the expression is through: writing, dance, mentoring, painting, etc. You were given special talents and should use them without reservation. One of my fave quotes spells this out perfectly-

Erma Bombeck

I concede Erma, I concede…



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SO, another Seen, Heard and Experienced in DMV

So, once again I will let you all in on what is up in the DMV. Hope you all had a great week and Happy Friday! Here goes…


At the corner of a very busy intersection and an interstate heading to D.C., there was an interesting man who decided to do a bit of public preening? He got out of the car and shut the door in a high traffic area, so it is clear that he was quite serious about it all. He began to shake his clothes rather furiously. Were there ants on him, a case of delousing? Or perhaps he had the “Hippy Hippy Shakes”? Who knows? But then he preceded to rake his fingers, lightning speed through his beard. Sort of shaking it out and sort of raking it. It was quite a curious situation. For the first time EVER in D.C., it was a bummer for the light to turn because now, it cannot be completely reported as to what happened next. My prediction? Clothes started peeling off and the crowd went wild! Or more than likely, his lane of traffic started moving and he hauled ass into his car and pulled off. But unfortunately, we will never know!


So, me, Simply Dee, did a quick run to the store on what I call “errand and gig day” aka Fridays. I spied a long time friend across the store behind the Customer Service counter, where she rules ALL. I decided to give her a hug and she offered to check me out so that we could chat longer and so that I wouldn’t have to stand in line. She is an angel like that. I felt bad though, because hidden in my cloth bags were like 30 items. But she happily rang me up though there were scowling people standing nearby. What was so surprising though when I walked up is that she immediately walked away quickly and then handed me over a paper shopping bag and inside was a gift that she got me on her trip to Hawaii.

This woman who is waiting on a kidney transplant, has chronic asthma and has been in and out of the hospital and had to miss many months of work over the last 5 years, went away to relax and celebrate her marriage, and thought of me. It touched me. Profoundly. I could have easily cried, but there were teeming customers, so I kept the conversation short and wished her blessings and thanked her repeatedly. This is one of the many times that she has traveled and brought back things to me and my daughter. For Christmas she gave me a J Crew sweater and a gorge glam sweatshirt for my kid. She is Always thinking of others.

This may not be interesting on the surface, but it is pretty freaking amazing being that our 12 year friendship has literally been across a customer service counter. We have seen each other at a wedding once, and she came to my place when she made window treatments for my daughter when she was 4. Besides that, all of our interactions have been at the store with me in front of a counter, and she behind it. Because I live in walking distance, she has seen me push my kid in a stroller, on a trike, in a wagon, basically seen her at every stage.

She has been there to hear news of all of her triumphs and cheered us both on through all growing pains. I would go shop and have the bonus of an ear and shoulder regarding major life issues that I was going through. In return, I have given her gifts on special occasions and gave her toys and other items that were my daughter’s, for her grandchild. But what has been offered to me in laughter and kindness and friendship makes me want to believe that there is decency in mankind. The contagious laughter, the cup half full attitude, no matter her storms of life is the best present I could have received.

Merely knowing her is an incredible blessing. Interactions with this phenomenal friend have been one solid experience in D.C. that I can’t complain about. Knowing that there is a possibility that there are more Lady A’s walking around D.C. and this world in general, makes life a little bit brighter.



So, it is WWWWW time again…

So, in today’s edition of Wednesday’s Wisdom, Wit, Wonderings and Whatnot, I will talk about -to be fluffy or not to be fluffy, now that is the real question!

I realized that many times I post things on social media and get a lot of use but perhaps not responses. And that is fine, I don’t post things to just get accolades, but sometimes I just want to put my thoughts out there. But a like or three would not be the worst thing to happen to me. I digress.

I love people who are kind and positive and say fluffy things. Cute little sayings, thoughts or innuendos, what is not to love? But there are serious things to say. Life is not full of tortilla chips and queso (how I wish it was!). As a classic over thinker and semi-intellect, I don’t want to be a party be a party pooper, but I do have more to share than just funny/haha anecdotes.

People don’t want to hear complaining or constantly being reminded of the terrible state of everything. But isn’t it okay for those who have concerns or important issues to mull over to post those things as well? I am the type of person that can post a cute animal video one day or a shot of me watching Gilmore Girls with my cat and totally switch it up the next day with a 9/11 please remember post.

I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that but apparently if you were on social media and you follow a fandom, or you are a part of a writing community were are intrested in hooking up your car, that is all you’re expected to mention. If you say something cute about the opposite sex, or mention what alcoholic beverage you are enjoying, those topics are pretty generic. But I sometimes don’t want to say or do what is comfortable for everyone. It is just not in my genetic makeup.

I play the devil’s advocate, looking and relating to sides of the coin that may not match up to what I believe. I am just interested in different perspectives and do not live my life in black and white- well if you vote this way then you are this type of person or if you do this then you go into this box. And if you do that, well then there is no way that you could support/believe/be cool with this.

I am the anomaly. The funny and intelligent, conservative/liberal, southern belle turned yankee. A person with a myriad of thoughts that happen to be about many subjects. I totally get the niche blogger. I actually envy the hell out of them, if you are one of them, then I envy you in particular. Maybe that is why I am a lifestyler. I can’t focus or just don’t want to.

But, even for those who write only about cooking or belong to the Hartford Cocky Cookers (obvs not a real thing-lol), would it be terrible if they did a post about government gun grabbing or gay rights or women’s pay inequality? Or even about how cats rule and dogs drool? (I LOVE ALL ANIMALS BTW)

I guess it kind of bugs me, just a little (haha) that people are so unresponsive if one doesn’t stick to either what is comfortable or the status quo. Do you ever feel that way? Like if you do not do what is expected of you that people will freeze you our or just freeze period?

And this isn’t only in relation to social media, this is just expectations from people in general. This is my wondering and what not for today. Can you relate? Or are you one of the low key folks who keeps it light and fluffy like a Luke’s pancake? And if you are, that is cool. I just don’t quite understand how to be that way and you may wonder how in the world someone could be all over the place with their thoughts and diatribes like me. That is totally fine though. I come in peace. Thank goodness we are all different or I would have absolutely nothing to pontificate about:)



(The pic is cute and fluffy)

So, Motivation for your Manic Monday

So today we will discuss fitness. What does it mean to you? To me it means: feeling confident in my clothes, looking slender and feeling good about myself. For others it means being able to run a half marathon, to enter the bikini fitness contest, or to be able to bench press 200 pounds.

Fitness has been a struggle because I have PCOS and no thyroid, so metabolism for me doesn’t exist basically. I have to create it. You may ask- how? Well, by eating every 3 hours (small meals), cutting gluten and by moving around. I just am not the type who can keep weight at bay if I am not working on all areas of fitness. Are you like that? Or are you one of the few who can eat whatever you want and not gain an ounce. If you are the latter, I love/hate you.:)

The one area that many of us do not focus enough on though, is the mental part. For ex., beating myself up for gaining 22 pounds since last year, has not helped the weight drop off. It has done the opposite. I have not been keeping strong on eating the best carbs, I mean I do eat Ezekiel bread and brown rice. But I have also been eating sandwiches on sour dough and having fries on occasion. I get so fed up with what I can’t eat, that for months at a time after eating clean for 6 months, I eat foods that I had to step away from totally previously. Another problem many of us have, is restlessness/not enough sleep. I worry so much as a single mom about: finances, the future, my child’s happiness at school and where she will go to college. It literally keeps me up at night and gets me up early in the mornings. I know how important proper rest is in regards to fitness. It is hard to find an article on wellness without sleep being mentioned.

The basics of what stress and lack of rest does: your body doesn’t have time to heal and repair, more cortisol is produced which makes more belly fat a problem, it starts a vicious cycle of being too tired to work out (which is key for a healthy body and mind), clothes begin to fit more snug, mood begins to be less happy (exercise creates endorphins). These are just a few of the negative side effects.

So how do get out of the fitness funk you wonder? Well first off, don’t compare yourself to others! And find out what plan or combo of plans works for you! For me, structure helped me to be successful for a long time. But I cut out so many types of food for so long (soy, dairy, wheat), that between my ankle injury and being fed up with cutting out so much, that is when I put weight back on.

Trying a few things to see what works best for your personality and honestly your mood is the best place to begin. If you are not looking to follow a certain type of plan or philosophy right now because of the craziness of life, try eating small meals per day and making sure that you keep the carbs on the low and good end (sweet potatoes, quinoa, berries). It has always worked for me and it is what I am doing now.

Once my ankle is fully healed, I will do more carbs again because I will be doing squats and lifting again and my body will be able to burn the carbs more efficiently. It is all about balance. And though about 90 percent of fitness is nutrition, moving your body every day in some way is key. In 2014, I lost so much weight doing little things. I would take the stairs, park far away. Walk to the store or even the dentist. I didn’t put a time limit on it or schedule workouts, I just made them a part of my daily routine no matter what I was doing. The plie`s during toothbrushing and leg lifts at the gas pump added up. I would even jog 20 minutes in place while watching Netflix when I was able to.

Fitness for you can only be truly defined by you. Taking advice from me, or friends, or fitness gurus is not wrong. But find out through trial and error what works for YOU!

I would love to hear from those of you who are intrested in fitness or have found the key to living a healthy lifestyle, what things that you do to keep the balance. Please share. I am ALWAYS glad to add to my repertoire.



So, Seen and Heard and Experienced in DMV (not verbatim)

Guy 1: I will not date anyone who makes less than 90K. If she has kids, she has to be a really good mom, but I prefer that she doesn’t so that she can take care of home, plus I have my own kids every other weekend.

Guy 2: Where are you going to meet a wonder woman like this?

Guy 1: I am sure there are a few out there, but they will have to work for hard my attention and loyalty because I am a catch and drive a Range.

Guy 2: Lucky her… Shakimg his head in disgust

(Unfortunately there are many many guy 1s in this area, I met quite a few in the past)

Friend 1: Hey, I have Wednesday free so can you meet for lunch then since you don’t work on Wednesdays?

Friend 2: I can’t, I now work 3 days a week instead of 2. Now that both kids can drive my husband said I should work more.

Friend 1: That’s a good thing! More money, and it will keep you busy now that the kids are older, and you still have free time.

Friend 2: That extra day is ruining my social life! Now I have only 2 days a week to lunch and hike with friends!

Friend 1: Awww. Sorry, I know it is a sacrifice (snark), but at least you aren’t working like 55 or 60 hours like I am.

Friend 2: I guess. But it will be a tough adjustment.

Friend 1: Yeah, I am sure it will, poor thing ( sarcasm and disdain dripping from her voice).

(I feel ya friend 1. Welcome to my friend circle, literally)

Feminist: I can’t stand that many women in this area are so bound to traditional family lives. So many of my neighbors are not going to the March.

Other woman: Well, I would go, but I have work and then I have to pick up kids from practice.

Feminist: What kind of feminist are you? You can’t get your husband to pick them up?

Other woman: What do you mean? We both work hard! He goes in late so he can get them to school. I go to work early so that I can pick them up for extracurriculars.

Feminist: I just meant that if you are really into women’s rights you would have taken off.

Other woman: You haven’t worked in 20 years and your kids are a part of a carpool. What are you doing for feminism? Your husband completely takes care of everything including with the kids. If being a feminist means not working and living a life of leisure, I want in!

(ME TOO SISTER, me too!)



So, another installment of Wednesday’s Wit, Wisdom and Whatnot…

So, I am not sure if I have major wisdom to impart today, but I will try… My mom used to say this a lot: “beggars can’t be choosers”. And that could not be more true. Of course it doesn’t mean that we are talking about literal beggars per se, but it means don’t be so choosy (picky) as my mother would also say.

I started thinking of this because of multiple convos with my kiddo lately. There are people throughout our lives who will disappoint and those who will surprise us. We need to learn to value the ones that are there for us, not the ones we wish were there for us.

Why do so many of us bust our butts to impress or make time for those who could give 2 craps for us? And then those who would do anything for us, we are quick to dismiss? It seems to start around elementary school. We see someone who we think is fun or attractive and there is an energy about them that we are drawn to. So we do what we can to be around them and please them and get attention from them.

Now they probably are not even considered by their family to be cool or even popular, but their personality is such that to outsiders, they just are. They are just standoffish enough to make people interested, but are outgoing enough so that they are relatable. I think some people try to craft this persona at an older age, but people like this are just wired this way.

So, let me get to the point. The kiddo is feeling isolated and like she doesn’t have a lot of close friends. She has a few, but none at her school really. The ones who are crazy about spending time with her are not on her level intellectually or maturity wise or are either riddled with drama. But there are a couple of folks who really do like her a bunch and she’s just not into them. She borders between being a super theater nerd and hanging out with a few of the well known sect, yet she is definitely more of the studious geek loving Shakespeare type. For that I am glad. But she longs to be more in demand.

So as she was crying on Labor Day weekend about this, D and I tried hard to console her and relate to her. She really has been hurt a lot this past school year by phony friends, and being a week into freshman year she doesn’t have her footing yet. I told her repeatedly that those “boring” friends will actually be there when she needs someone. That there are people who really care, but sometimes they come in packages that we aren’t enthralled with.

The crazy thing is that this kind of thing goes on even as an adult. I have had a hell of a few years, and those who were supposedly my closest friends were incognito and yet time and time again, the people whom I think are great people but may not be the ones I call to go to the winery or catch a meal, are there for me time and time again.

So as I am preaching this to her, I have really evaluated relationships with my friends. I have pretty much erased the negative or non-friends. But there are still a few that I let linger, and it goes back to the whole thing of primary school person and who is more desirable to be around. as D says how people are perceived is everything and reality has nothing to do with it. This is true.

But as a grown woman trying to give sound advice to my almost grown kiddo; I will have to remind the both of us that when the reality of who someone really is rears its head, we must take note and proceed accordingly.

Have these realizations hit you in regards to people when you were at your worst? Would love to know.



So, Monday Motivation…

So, getting motivated today is ummmm interesting… I go to the mechanic to see ‘what’s up’ with the car. And, it is a 775 job repair. I find that out Friday. I’m like-“okay, I saved money to pay off some debts, but I have enough to fix the car and still enough left to pay one of my bills, so life is a blessing.

By Saturday, I was over the whole car deal and started talking with D about getting another car next year. On yesterday (Sunday), I went to go get my kiddo and my front passenger tire had a big screw in it and was flat to the ground. Second time in a month! There is irritating construction nearby, but I called AAA and they changed my tire and put the full size spare on and put air in it and we left.

Picked up the kiddo and drove for about 30-40 minutes and came back home and later went out again on the tire and had no problems. Today, D and I were running to Peet’s to get coffee before heading to the pool one last time since it closed today. And guess what? I backed up and spare was so flat that I couldn’t even pull forward all the way to park the car because the rim was literally on the ground! So AAA came over to tow the car because I couldn’t go anywhere and it has to be fixed tomorrow anyway.

So, I literally wanted to fall apart I took a job making 1100 dollars left a month for my mental. So I really can’t handle a big car bill. But honest to God. I did what I do best-Deal with it. I get so tired of everything being so hard and I sometimes want a break and to cruise down Easy Street like so many others do. But that has just not been the way life has been for me. A lot of things have been tough and uphill for me. But like D said- “It’s not cancer. Just a car that is made to break.” I love his down to earth philosophy:).

Anyhow, instead of breaking down like I have so many times, I just decided that I would work harder. I will save more, pick up more side jobs and continue to build my credit and raise it 25 more points before taking on a car payment. I will not let the enemy (the devil, the dark side, evil spirits, etc.) win. Ever! I would not be me if I did not fight and get kicked down and get up again. I have been a single mom for 10 years, so I can do it all! And of course I have D (my rock), my babygirl and God on my side, so that helps a crapload.

But you guys can kick booty too! TRUST ME! Trust the process. And if you don’t have one (a process), ask me or someone wiser:) to help you find one or even better, consult Pinterest if that is your thing!The long and drawn out point- Do not give up no matter what life throws your way. You have got this. Have a million reasons why you will fail? I have a mil why you will succeed because I have failed more times than the Philadelphia Phillies, but like them, I stayed strong.

Go forth dear friends and conquer whatever is in your way. I believe in you even if you don’t!



So, Fridays will be all about what is Seen and Heard and Experienced in the DMV

So, for those that don’t know, DMV is not just a place to be pissed off when renewing your license. For those of us in Mid-Atlantic or those who know anything about DC or the locals, DMV means= D.C., MD, VA because it is just easier and those 3 areas mesh together. And what an interesting mix of people there are here.

So, this is the first of many Seen and Heard in the DMV…

Rich lady #1- I am so stressed!

Rich lady #2- Why?

RL 1- It has been 3 months and nothing has changed.

RL 2- With your marriage?

RL 1- No! With my dining room! I have painted it 3 different colors and no one has even noticed!

Dem: I effing hate Trump!

Repub: I effing hate Hilary.

Indep: I effing hate all of you!

( As an independent, I can relate)

Hipster 1: So, big plans tonight on the Hill! Are you prepared?

Hipster 2: That cool new dive bar for happy hour shots?

Hipster 3: Seriously? Have you forgot what is important man? Debate watch party. Where are your priorities?

(Yes, D.C. is that cool)

Friend 1: I was waiting on you for an hour to show up. We haven’t seen each other in over a year and I need to get back home to my teen, we have stuff to do. This was supposed to be a quick coffee date.

Friend 2: I’m sorry ( but she totally wasn’t), I have 4 kids in private school and driving them around is so tiring. I was also caught up in planning our trip to Thailand. You don’t know how stressful it can be, you only have one kid and are a single parent.

Friend 1: You’re right, as a full time mom with a full time job and no partner and little money, I can’t imagine stress. And, planning another international trip for your family, how exhausting it must be…

(Friend 1 rocks, imho)



So, Vol 2 of Wit, Wisdom, Wonderings or Whatnot

So, brace yourself, it is Vol. 2 of WWWW. I am sure you have been on the edge of your seats waiting to read the next edition.:)

So today we will discuss curiosity/lack of focus versus focused/cautious behaviors and what they lead to. Have you ever observed how children play either in a classroom, playground or at your own home? The observation of 2 kiddos are what made me come up with this post idea. It is amazing how different people can be, even before words are formed.

As a psychology major, I observe quite a bit. I don’t do it consciously, but I will be at a restaurant waiting for water and may look over at a couple and notice how they are with each other. Or, I may see a family and observe how 5 people are at a table, yet no one is speaking. I don’t stare, but I notice things and am very aware of my surroundings.

Anyhow, that brings me to the point of this post. I was around some kids that I have not known for long and noticed that one was rambunctious, never paying attention to a toy or book for more than a few seconds. The other, very measured and calculated in movements and actions. They are both toddlers.

It led me to think of how they would be as adults, and to think of examples of people whom I have known like them. This then crossed my mind: which personality type is generally more successful? Does the one who is looking out the window during class versus the board, work for a company or run a company? In cases of adults I know, it seems that people whom were focused at a young age and not all over the place with their decisions were generally more successful in life. Going to the best schools, having high paying careers, etc.

Intellectual curiosity is different than someone who just asks irrelevant questions and can’t keep their mind on the subject at hand. Being curious is great. But focusing that curiiousness is another story. Now while asking the question at the beginning of this post, I was not speaking about these particular little kids, but just their personalities as a point of reference. Because generally people are type A or type B or are serious or lackadaisical.

I think that for me personally, I am a dreamer. I have always been a mediocre student, up until grad school and then I made all As. I was actually on point for the betterment of my kid. But overall, I have spent a lot of life trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and wondering why everyone else was doing it wrong, but I was the one seen as a late bloomer and totally not on the straight and narrow, by a long shot.

But there are areas of my life where I am totally type A like parenting. I rock at being a parent. My kid is focused and ambitious and driven. She is excellent at basically everything she does. She color codes her planners and has a spreadsheet for colleges (since 7th grade!). I lacked confidence and focus, so I made sure she had boatloads of it. The point is, I the rambunctious one, would not be considered the epitome of an American success story to many. Though I am more intelligent than some of my materially successful counterparts, I have had trouble keeping things together enough to succeed on a higher level in the way that I could.

However, there are people who thought differently, did not follow the leader and did not draw within the lines and have ruled! These folks didn’t get degrees did not conform to a set standard: Ted Turner, Steve Jobs, Russell Simmons-to name a few. So maybe there is hope for me and the toddler who cannot stop looking for trouble:) Those guys may be exceptions to the rule and not the norm for out of the box thinkers who just can’t bare to comply.

What do you think? Are people a combination of both personality types typically, or are they normally one or the other? And which persona have you known to be the ones who have it all figured out, even at a young age?

There are no right or wrong answers here. The focused and cautious type may not have as much fun, but would have their life more together probably. But as I continued to type, I remembered that happiness and peace for some, is success. Because without the freedom to be whom they are, no fab job could fill the void of losing that creativity and flair that makes them so special and unique.

Instead of feeling bad for what I haven’t achieved, I realized that I am one of the people that is definitely an individual and maybe I will be the next great thing and be the one to shine:) And I also remembered that we are all given amazing gifts and that what is important is how happy we are, no matter what our type.

Where do you feel you fall on this spectrum, and why? I’m truly interested because we all have something to offer, I just think knowing who we are and why is kinda cool…



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