So, A poem about simple but amazing

It started out so simple An acknowledgment An electronic smile Typed words of acceptance A message about her looks More broadly, her persona She took a bite on the line Allowed herself to be reeled Once again doubting The whole she was judging The words flowed easily As did the laughter The conversation never ending […]

So, Another Motivational post for that Manic Monday

SO, time to motivate myself and others. At the beginning of each week I feel like we all need a boost or encouragement to get geared up for the week. Today’s message, is basic. Be you. Your uniqueness and individuality are a blessing to those in your life and to the world as a whole. […]

SO, another Seen, Heard and Experienced in DMV

So, once again I will let you all in on what is up in the DMV. Hope you all had a great week and Happy Friday! Here goes… SEEN At the corner of a very busy intersection and an interstate heading to D.C., there was an interesting man who decided to do a bit of […]

So, Seen and Heard and Experienced in DMV (not verbatim)

Guy 1: I will not date anyone who makes less than 90K. If she has kids, she has to be a really good mom, but I prefer that she doesn’t so that she can take care of home, plus I have my own kids every other weekend. Guy 2: Where are you going to meet […]

So, another installment of Wednesday’s Wit, Wisdom and Whatnot…

So, I am not sure if I have major wisdom to impart today, but I will try… My mom used to say this a lot: “beggars can’t be choosers”. And that could not be more true. Of course it doesn’t mean that we are talking about literal beggars per se, but it means don’t be […]

So yeah, life is good because I am still here,otherwise, it’s meh…

So, I HATE my job. My boss has suddenly decided to mega micro manage and has taken out all of her aggression/issues out on myself and another co-worker. My daughter is being harassed/bullied/freezed out by crap people at school. So yeah, I am all rainbows and unicorns and sparkles right about now.:) No, really, I […]

So, I’ve lost myself in my work, but not for long…

So, I have been on the job 5 weeks and wow. Every second of the day I am busy texting, emailing and calling, so I have no extra time. I squeeze in a call with my honey before and after work and a tiny bit in between but I have no time to write. That […]