So, antibiotics are also mood lifting?

So, after my gloomy and doomy post, I have a more Deeish disposition to share today. I feel like a different person! I think between having a sinus and ear infection and my usual bout of thyroid issues, that is why I was so gloom and doom. After 10 days of antibiotics I am iut…


Armchair Travel Opportunity, #literarydatesbookclub

love this! Literary Dates is my blogger bestie whom I have met in person. Love that these 2 fab bloggers got to collab a bit. Read both of their work!

Virtual Brush Box


Like my annual trips to New York? Want more? Boy, do I have a deal for you.

Lauren at Literary Dates reads books set in New York, reviews them, and then goes on tours around the city to places mentioned in the book. All the fun of New York, without having to take three trains to haul in from Newark Airport.

Last December, Lauren was kind enough to allow stragglers to tag along on one of her tours. Before the trip, we read A New York Christmas by Anne Perry. Places in the book ranged from Fifth Avenue to Hell’s Kitchen to Little Italy. The book was set in 1904. I wondered how Lauren would arrange a tour 114 years later. Lauren and New York did not disappoint.

As with her virtual tours, I learned things about New York. For example, when I hear the word tenements, I…

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So, do I have SAD or am I s-a-d?

So January so far has been me writing a couple of poems, cleaning up, returning to a mundane job, and not getting enough sleep. I can't determine if it is seasonal affective disorder that is the culprit with all of the cloudy and rainy and dreary days. Or if it's because Christmas is over and…

So, a poem about meaning and depth

I want my life to have meaning To be one whom others admire Creating warm and fuzzy in a cold world But through daily life I stumble I fall short in patience and temper I loathe and get annoyed Often laughing, smiling and trying Though people make good intentions hard to follow I start every…

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So, it’s close to Christmas, a poem

So, as I lie here not ready for work and all of it's intrinsically annoying ways, I glimpse at the early morning light trying to burst it's way through my blinds. I dread the trek to the office for too many reasons to unburden, but then I remember it is the Christmas season and all…

So, the little things are what truly matter in the end-a poem for DJ

Listening to endless droning about my crazy job Taking the car to get repairs Calling to make sure I am in the Uber and safe Drying tears over feelings hurt once again An impromptu lunch to celebrate a small success Trying new things like apple picking to celebrate my traditions Buying me more new reads…