So, A poem about simple but amazing

It started out so simple An acknowledgment An electronic smile Typed words of acceptance A message about her looks More broadly, her persona She took a bite on the line Allowed herself to be reeled Once again doubting The whole she was judging The words flowed easily As did the laughter The conversation never ending […]

So, Motivational Monday time because today is a little manic (a kind of poem)

So, motivation and Monday. Hmmmm. Seems like a tall order… Today’s motivation is brought to you by the letter M for mistakes. Mistakes are something we often dwell on during times of stress or even when our minds are supposed to be at rest. Those past indiscretions, have been handed to God more than men […]

So, a poem on being done with it all, except greatness…

I’m fed up, I’m done, but not finished. I can no longer hold back. There is greatness inside of me. I am too sparkly to be dulled. There are too many good ideas. Many great theories to share. I can no longer quell them. Ineptness from “superiors” drains me. So, no more talking the talk. […]

So, it’s close to Christmas, a poem

So, as I lie here not ready for work and all of it’s intrinsically annoying ways, I glimpse at the early morning light trying to burst it’s way through my blinds. I dread the trek to the office for too many reasons to unburden, but then I remember it is the Christmas season and all […]

So, Writing is my elixir- a poem

Writing is my elixir Writing for me is like breathing, it sustains me It gives me shelter from the metaphorical storm When I am in doubt or despair it changes everything The atmospheric pressure shifts in my favor I am the true definition of winning because with “it” I rule So why not write all […]

So, it is poem time again:):)

Unrealized Word-filled accolades for decades to assuage egos often times fall on deaf ears to the uncertain and lost. Kudos through the checks and balances of loved ones offer assurance in the realm of worthiness at a cost. Damsels, too many, equate self- identification to thoughts or obvious nods of approval instead of sentiments real. […]

So, on that poetry tip again…

Magical Mystical Miracle A little girl with big dreams but small wings can do enormously great things. It isn’t arduous to give a push to encourage such a majestic being. She has shine and a glow doesn’t it show? She’s predestined for things uncommon, with gifts so rare. That something-different-vibe for days, spreads around like […]

So, another love poem while lying in the bed…

Paired by more than happenstance Through the misty air I could feel your presence. Though my eyes were closed and the waves were crashing hard against the rocks, I knew you were there. Even though there were no plans to have this clandestine meeting, It didn’t surprise me that you traveled a continent away. That’s […]