So, another Manic Monday Motivation or Musing?

So, today is more of a Musing than a Monday Motivational spiel. Today the thought ran through my mind about how some people overuse labels about themselves. My mother always told me that if you are a certain type of person then you will not have to announce it to everyone. It will just be […]

So, it is WWWWW time again…

So, in today’s edition of Wednesday’s Wisdom, Wit, Wonderings and Whatnot, I will talk about -to be fluffy or not to be fluffy, now that is the real question! I realized that many times I post things on social media and get a lot of use but perhaps not responses. And that is fine, I […]

So, the little things are what truly matter in the end-a poem for DJ

Listening to endless droning about my crazy job Taking the car to get repairs Calling to make sure I am in the Uber and safe Drying tears over feelings hurt once again An impromptu lunch to celebrate a small success Trying new things like apple picking to celebrate my traditions Buying me more new reads […]

So, another love poem while lying in the bed…

Paired by more than happenstance Through the misty air I could feel your presence. Though my eyes were closed and the waves were crashing hard against the rocks, I knew you were there. Even though there were no plans to have this clandestine meeting, It didn’t surprise me that you traveled a continent away. That’s […]