So, Another Motivational post for that Manic Monday

SO, time to motivate myself and others. At the beginning of each week I feel like we all need a boost or encouragement to get geared up for the week.

Today’s message, is basic. Be you. Your uniqueness and individuality are a blessing to those in your life and to the world as a whole. Just like what I am saying is nothing new. But, I am conveying the point in my own way and voice. Yes others have said it before, but different people perceive things in different ways and respond to certain points or ways of expression.

For instance, you can take a geometry class as a child and totally not understand what your teacher is saying but the go to a tutor and immediately comprehend and can relate to it. The point is that yes, there is “nothing new under the sun”. But it doesn’t mean that there is not enough room for everyone to shine or to do what drives them. We may not all be the best in our field or a household name, but it doesn’t mean we don’t hold value. We all do. God makes no mistakes.

I was reading on IG yesterday, someone whom I have followed for sometime, was telling people to stay in their own lane. And that if they aren’t original and did not start a particular business, then basically they are nothing and don’t need to copy others. I almost hit unfollow and may still do that. But I was surprised that so many of her usual disciples (there are 100K), went after her. They pointed out her cockiness and the lunacy of her brief but scorching commentary. I was stoked. Because what she said was just plain ignorant. She got her million by reading books by people who paved the way for her success. As a matter of fact, she took pictures of all of the “greats” she was reading, in real estate, finance, business and encouraged others to follow suit.

Her ridiculousness prompted me to write this today. We all have something special to give and our voice should be heard. Whether the expression is through: writing, dance, mentoring, painting, etc. You were given special talents and should use them without reservation. One of my fave quotes spells this out perfectly-

Erma Bombeck

I concede Erma, I concede…



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