So, everything we go for in life is truly mental…

So, I have started back on my clean eating today and had caffeine which is a no-no. My plan is no caffeine, soy, gluten/wheat, alcohol and no dairy. I was sick for close to a month from almost the end of February, until about 3 weeks ago and I lost a lot of weight. But when I was sick, when I ate, it would be bread or a banana or popsicle. I ate little, but when I did, it was carby or sugary because my throat was sore and a lot of food tasted bad and I ate what I could tolerate.

A month later, and I have still been eating bread and started eating cheese again and I have just enjoyed food for once without measuring and weighing and eliminating. But it has paid me back in the stomach and waistline. Big time! So today, I started again. I am just not in the mood for this right now. I have enjoyed having tacos without gluten-free shells and it was so nice when taking a drive this weekend, when picnicking, I got to eat cheese and crackers.

These things may sound like not a very big deal to you. But for 3 decades I have battled my weight. From walking 10 miles a day to weight-lifting. Trying the Nutri-System, to no carb, and when I was young, the low-fat phase. But what made me succeed in any of those phases/fads/seasons was being mentally prepared to do it. I wrote a post about defining clean eating for myself and my life. I am still going to do that, but I can’t tweak it too much because I am not in the mindset to stick with it, meaning I can’t stray too far

I’m by no means and obsessive person, so I can be disciplined and not have a hard time “coming off” of things. I can stop doing a lot of things with no issue and don’t have or need a grace period to get adjusted. I go through phases where I watch Netflix 7 hours a day (while working or doing other things), then I go weeks with no tv and only read books or listen to the radio. I will drink iced coffee for 6 months straight and then stop doing it, cold turkey, for 4 months. But sometimes I don’t want to.

For instance I am meeting my friend Suzi Friday for lunch and then Starbucks or vcvs. The social part of life and spring starting is a rough time to start cutting out everything. But I tend to do this every year after months of hibernating, I want to move more and socialize more. I want to go hiking and to wineries and to the beach. What travels to all of those places besides people? Good snack food! That’s where it gets tricky. Having drinks and appetizers is part of hanging out with people in the burbs or the city.

I am just going to have to suck it up and eat before I meet up or carry food like I have done in the past. I do not know why I am having such a hard time getting back on track, I guess I will have to give myself a super hyped up pep talk. Whether in the form of written or verbal affirmations, I will do whatever it takes to get my mental fitness game back on. When I was sick I couldn’t work out, so I have to get food right and back into exercise!

As I have to tell myself constantly, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. I really do like being healthy and eating right, so it isn’t that far of a stretch for me to put good things into my body, it’s just removing so many things, that is tough. But I am ready. I am committed. I am strong. I am powerful. (I’ve already started my affirmations-lol) I will keep you posted and please tell me what you do to motivate yourself!



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