So, I am excited about being a delivery chick-let me explain…

So, I signed up with 3 services last night where I will drive my car around and deliver services. Postmates, Doordash and one I can’t recall, but the first 2 services are item delivery services and the last one is taking kiddos to their destinations! Since I have a kid and have taken kids places forever, driving them around will be easy. I’m kind of a chicken and don’t feel comfy driving adults around because people can be scary, so that is why I am trying these.

Wonder why I am excited when this kind of work would fill a lot of folks with dread? Because I am being proactive. I am working towards a goal. I am actually doing something about getting my credit straight or my bills together instead of writing or talking about. I live in a really nice area, so I will keep deliveries in a 10 mile radius, to burbs I frequent. So I will not schedule my days around this, but schedule the jobs around my errands.

I may not make a ton, but I only work 3 1/2 days at my main gig, so I thought the other day and a half I could try to earn as much as I can. I am still interviewing for bigger and better things, but in the meantime, why be stagnant? As Shelly Shepard Gray says: Idle hands make fretful minds. And she is right, and so are all the other quotes. So I will keep my hands even busier than they already are because I am not happy unless I am doing a bunch.

The goal:

600 the 1st month

1000 the 2nd month

1500 the 3rd month

By then, I may have a full-time job or not have as much time for it, but I figure that I might as well try. I plan to use the money to pay off the 3 creditors that I am in bad standing with on my credit reports so that I can up my score. I mean I already improved it by 22 points last month, and it could stand to go up another 70 or so to be where I used to be. If I keep going with the deliveries and like it or have time for it, I will put the rest in retirement.

Good idea? Bad idea? Have any of you ever tried it? Please let me know! Since I am not currently editing or working as a researcher for that virtual company, and am only pet sitting sporadically and don’t work full time, I had to do something! These bills aren’t going to pay for themselves:)



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