So, I’ve lost myself in my work, but not for long…

So, I have been on the job 5 weeks and wow. Every second of the day I am busy texting, emailing and calling, so I have no extra time. I squeeze in a call with my honey before and after work and a tiny bit in between but I have no time to write. That […]

So, I have gotten really good at faking it (not what you may be thinking)

So, I am not talking about in terms of romantic escapades or pretending to be something that I am not. I am talking about removing my feelings about a person/situation and just following their lead. I used to be so wrapped up in people not treating me well, or keeping in touch properly or just […]

So, some say that magic happens with faith, trust and pixie dust… Steps to really making it happen!

So, Faith and Trust in God and yourself and the process, whatever you are trying to achieve are EXCELLENT places to start. But the magic part- not so easy. Things rarely just happen for people. I mean honestly, I can actually name a list of jerks who that seems to be the case with. But […]

So, is there a difference between lying and deceit? Is one worse?

So, I consider myself a bad liar. I am a brutally honest kind of person, so not telling the truth pains me. But when it comes to my daughter, I will fly to the moon and back to protect her feelings. I have left her out of the loop quite a bit over the years […]

So being on a higher spiritual/emotional/intellectual plane has its cons…

So, I am not saying I am Oprah or Iyanla or Dalai Lama. I am just a thinker. A deep thinker. Even when I was at my most “ratchet” in my younger years, I always felt intensely. I am super emotional and I care more than most. I have a penchant for trying to help […]

So, I am about to finally be divorced. It’s kind of scary, but I am OH SO G-L-A-D!!

Okay, in case I have not mentioned it to you before, I am not divorced. I have been dating for almost a year though. Before you get all judgmental on me, just realize I have been separated physically and geographically from my husband for almost 7.5 years. And, he has been living with someone for […]

Life is full of ups and downs, but boy do I feel blessed!!

So, I met some jerks. I lost an at home job. I started commuting 2.5 hours a day to a unfulfilling work situation. BUT… I learned a lot I have a job AND… I found the love of my life! No more creepy Match guys who are only looking for sex. No more roller coaster […]

So, I am on day 4 of 30 runs…

I haven’t mentioned this before probably, but I am in this Facebook group where we do 30 runs in 30 days. I jog/walk mostly, but hey- I am doing it! I was so excited today to do 2.2 miles in 25 minutes. Probably sounds terrible to some of you because you may be able to […]

So, I had a good but busy couple of days

We went to a pub sing, hosted a Valentine’s party, rearranged our place, and got rid of things (again). I feel still a bit tired, but also renewed. I am feeling great because my place looks great and I started doing this winter challenge where I have to do at least 2 miles a day. […]

So, today was a good day…

Actually, every single time I open my eyes I am grateful. No matter how annoyed I get with people, or how low my bank account is, I am happy to be alive. I am sorry that there are people that do not truly find joy in the simple act of living. I probably sound like […]