So, Seen, Heard and Experienced in the DMV- Week Ending October 4th

Seen So, going to get coffee is a part of my daily routine and for most people reading this this is probably standard routine. Upon leaving Starbuck, this was seen outside of a local pizza place. I totally understand that there are deliveries before hours. But on the ground in loose plastic? And no cover […]

So, will beautifying the outside make a difference with a wonky inside?

I am the weird, strange and odd kind of person that thinks deeply in situations that there is no obvious depth. A local grocery store that is one of the top in the nation decided to throw out all of their old front racks (for magazines, dvds and other wares) and use a deep and […]

So, have you ever heard the phrase: The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away?

I am a total sucker for the beauty of the Olde English language, but that statement is both powerful and reassuring and scary. When I was standing in front of the ocean yesterday, I started pondering life in a big way, as I often do when I go to the beach. The enormity and vastness […]

Poetry can be found everywhere and in many things, even in blogging…

I was watching one of my new favorite spy shows today on my Amazon-The Americans, and I realized that the Russian language can be very beautiful and even poetic sounding. I was in the shower and listening to it and I think if I had been watching the people and listening, I would not have […]