So, yeah it is Valentine’s and I love how empowered young people are!!!

So, it is the dreaded day for many. I was the attractive girl in school that had my fair share of friends and crushes, but not one time did I get a gift for Valentine’s from the opposite sex. Once junior high started, I became painfully aware of the fact that quite a few people at our school were already paired up. But I would get a cute gift/gifts from family or maybe friends and I would power through the day seeing people get things delivered to them during classes from office helpers. Well, my kid has reached the same day and same level of life.

Since she has been out of traditional school for 7 years, this is her first official Vday outside of being with me or the Valentine’s sleepover parties we would host with our friends. I was so proud of her when she said that she was not going to be part of “loneliness awareness day” that she would send herself one if she needed to. She even sent one to a guy that she says she only likes as a friend. When I was in school, I would have never had the balls to do that! It never dawned on me or my friends to send a lovegram to each other.

Imagine if girls back in the day realized that it is okay to be alone and did not allow themselves to be stigmatized as the lonely! There are a lot of things about this current generation of tweens/teens that drives me absolutely batty, but I love how they are not afraid to embrace who they are! My kid is a gorge girl who could be one of the popular chicks in a heartbeat, but she embraces her super-hero-loving/drama geek self. One of her friends even posted on social media a box of chocolates that said to: me from: me. Love it!!! These kids are going to be in charge one day, and I am actually okay with that!

What some children lack in conversation or the ability to depart from their phones, they make up for in moxie! It turns out that my kid got 7 deliveries to her class (okay 4 were from us) and they weren’t from a secret admirer or a crush, but she was empowered. Emboldened and even a little bit more self-assured than she was when she woke up today. Or at least I would like to think that she is. My teenage self would love to tell her how this stuff is so miniscule and unimportant. But I think she has it on lock. She’s listening to me I think!:)

And that is one of the million reasons I love my Funny Little Valentine. She is: bold, intelligent, creative, hilarious, daring, bold, tough and just a kick ass girl with the world in the palm of her hands. She will one day rule some ish! And she has a heart of gold that she protects ever so carefully and I hope for now she keeps it all to herself. Because it will take one helluva a king to earn it…



Photo taken by me of all of her school loot. So yeah, kiddo is loved…




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