So, when your mom gets ill, you realize how wack taking her (or anyone) for granted is…

So, I am a good daughter. Really, I am. But I am impatient with my mom. We have that 30 year difference, and she is just not like me at all. I am high energy and I don’t sleep a lot and I care about being healthy and I am the opposite of sedentary. She […]

So, it’s poetry time again:):)

Shattered You’ve been through the storm Your heart has been bruised You didn’t want to trust But in love you can’t choose We met by chance Neither one of us prepared We became fast companions The past could not compare You dove in and tried You gave your all from the start Not knowing what […]

So, a lot is going on and times are tough! Steps to overcome it all…

So, the last couple of weeks have equaled: broken laptop, iPad that isn’t keeping a charge, 550 dollar car repair, end of my main source of income (soon), new gig delayed by 6-8 weeks. In summation… LIFE           IS                  HARD!!! But in my […]

So, another love poem while lying in the bed…

Paired by more than happenstance Through the misty air I could feel your presence. Though my eyes were closed and the waves were crashing hard against the rocks, I knew you were there. Even though there were no plans to have this clandestine meeting, It didn’t surprise me that you traveled a continent away. That’s […]

So, these are some things to do to have a strong connection with your S.O.

So, do you feel in a rut in your relationship? Or if not in a rut, are there times that you wish you were closer or had the feeling of more connectedness? I am by no means a relationship expert, but I definitely know what doesn’t work! :):) After more than a year-and-a-half of having […]

So, today is an open letter to ML…

So, today is an open letter of sorts, to ML (my love). I have mentioned what it meant a lot of posts ago, so if you didn’t know, now you do! I officially met him in September 2016, face to face. We had been friends on social media for at least 4 months and spent […]

So, I am not a “woe is me” kind of girl, but my family really sucks… (warning this is long)

So, I don’t have a great family. I don’t really talk about it a lot. My mom has helped me a lot over the last 8-10 years as I have been a single mom and have had contract jobs and have needed financial help from time to time. But I have always been the kid […]

So, my friend told me yesterday that she had such thoughtful friends and all I could think was- friend? What’s that?

So, here I am. Nearing what is considered to be middle age these days. I grew up in the 80’s so, do the math. Anyway, it seems that in matters, I would not care too much at this point. But sometimes I miss having regular and healthy friendships. No whoa-is-me post going on here, it’s […]

So, yeah it is Valentine’s and I love how empowered young people are!!!

So, it is the dreaded day for many. I was the attractive girl in school that had my fair share of friends and crushes, but not one time did I get a gift for Valentine’s from the opposite sex. Once junior high started, I became painfully aware of the fact that quite a few people […]