So, Motivation for your Manic Monday

So today we will discuss fitness. What does it mean to you? To me it means: feeling confident in my clothes, looking slender and feeling good about myself. For others it means being able to run a half marathon, to enter the bikini fitness contest, or to be able to bench press 200 pounds. Fitness […]

So, I have decided to define “clean” and “fit” for myself…

So, I am a size 12/14 and I am not super tall. Some would call me chubby, some say I look fab as I am and what others say, I don’t really care at this point because I eat better and healthier than I know. I have a goal of losing 20 percent of my […]

So okay, where I have been this time and it how it has sucked!!! Be your own health advocate-PART 2!!

So, since I last wrote on February 15th, I just published it today, I have been really, really, really ill. My guy was visiting President’s Day weekend which was our Valentine’s. We went to dinner and went to the ballet and all seemed dope. But that Sunday, he started getting really sick. So I spent that […]

So, will beautifying the outside make a difference with a wonky inside?

I am the weird, strange and odd kind of person that thinks deeply in situations that there is no obvious depth. A local grocery store that is one of the top in the nation decided to throw out all of their old front racks (for magazines, dvds and other wares) and use a deep and […]