So, Fridays will be all about what is Seen and Heard and Experienced in the DMV

So, for those that don’t know, DMV is not just a place to be pissed off when renewing your license. For those of us in Mid-Atlantic or those who know anything about DC or the locals, DMV means= D.C., MD, VA because it is just easier and those 3 areas mesh together. And what an […]

So, utopia isn’t possible but can’t we try?

So, I am so tired of the left. And the right. And the conservatives and the liberals. Why allow ourselves to be put into these categories like a phylum or genus in the animal kingdom? There are already obvious differences like race or gender and those things are outward and cause enough disparity. But besides […]

So, how do you know when it is discrimination or just politics? Or both?

So, my daughter is talented. Big time. She got a drama award at her school last week and in March, an ensemble award in a theater group she is in, and last summer, an ensemble award. She is told in every play or skit or acting class that she attends that she is the most […]

So do you wear your ideology on your sleeve? Should you?

So, are you the type of person that lets everyone know where you stand in regards to things that mean the most to you? That could be religion, politics, your lifestyle, your commitment to veganism or helping animals. Many of us have at least one thing that we feel strongly about and once we get […]

So I would not call myself a feminist, but I’m not anti-feminist either. One thing for sure, I definitely don’t hate men…

So, I respect people who have different opinions and viewpoints, I don’t have to agree with them, but I don’t just outright shut them out.  So a year ago was the infamous pink vagina hat march or rally in D.C.  I was personally appalled by the idea of people wearing them on their heads and […]

So, I have been away for awhile. Literally and figuratively…

Hi! I went down south for close to a week to visit my family and bring my mom back with us. My kiddo finished her play-again, and I am on day 4 of being sick. So, things have been crazy! I cannot believe that summer is about to bid us adieu, well not next week, […]