So, Seen, Heard and Experienced in the DMV- Week Ending October 4th


So, going to get coffee is a part of my daily routine and for most people reading this this is probably standard routine. Upon leaving Starbuck, this was seen outside of a local pizza place.

I totally understand that there are deliveries before hours. But on the ground in loose plastic? And no cover on the crate or no sealed container? Of course rodents or insects come to mind with open food, but how about lack of freshness. This was more than 3 hours before opening. Gross! I know one pizza spot that I will be skipping!


Beauty is truly everywhere. While dog walking, on this teeny tiny minuscule lawn area outside of a town home was this beautiful little flowerbed.

It probably took 10 minutes to place stones, mulch and planting of the bulb. But the simpleness of this heart shape and tropical flower really made me pause. There are oodles of developments around with half a postage stamp sized lawn, and most people add nothing. It doesn’t matter how grand or small your place is, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to create beauty and spread cheer.


Imagine the whirring of blenders, idle chatter, a random tune mixed in all the chaos in the background. Typical coffee shop sounds. Then, picture a loud and overly obnoxious cell phone talker. The kind that is so loud that it makes you want to slap them incredibly hard. Then imagine, despite the angry looks their way, they get louder and say- “Oh yes, I am at my office”. Like really? Who would believe that? And then to add insult to injury, “My office is right by Capitol Hill and there is a lot of construction going on.” MAN! Not only was this guy loud and annoying, but a HUGE liar! He was legit situated on a bar stool 15 miles in the VA burbs of DC in a strip mall! I so wanted to loudly offer him a cappuccino!

Guess politricks goes beyond “The Hill” 😁😁😁



P.S. if you live in the DMV, send over one of your Seen, Heard or Experienced

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3 thoughts on “So, Seen, Heard and Experienced in the DMV- Week Ending October 4th

  1. Oh my god that pizza place!!! Ick! I would not be going there either.
    That little heart garden is so sweet. Glad you shared that. It’s nice that you notice things like that. I often zoom past stuff without paying attention unless I have my blogger eyes on. Interesting! 🤔

    I cannot stand loud cellphone talkers. Ugh! And a lying cellphone talker is even worse! I would have loved if you had tried your cappuccino trick. That would have been funny but yeah, I probably wouldn’t have actually done it either.

    LOVE these posts!!


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