So, Seen, Heard and Experienced in the DMV- Week Ending October 4th

Seen So, going to get coffee is a part of my daily routine and for most people reading this this is probably standard routine. Upon leaving Starbuck, this was seen outside of a local pizza place. I totally understand that there are deliveries before hours. But on the ground in loose plastic? And no cover […]

SO, another Seen, Heard and Experienced in DMV

So, once again I will let you all in on what is up in the DMV. Hope you all had a great week and Happy Friday! Here goes… SEEN At the corner of a very busy intersection and an interstate heading to D.C., there was an interesting man who decided to do a bit of […]

So, Seen and Heard and Experienced in DMV (not verbatim)

Guy 1: I will not date anyone who makes less than 90K. If she has kids, she has to be a really good mom, but I prefer that she doesn’t so that she can take care of home, plus I have my own kids every other weekend. Guy 2: Where are you going to meet […]

So, Fridays will be all about what is Seen and Heard and Experienced in the DMV

So, for those that don’t know, DMV is not just a place to be pissed off when renewing your license. For those of us in Mid-Atlantic or those who know anything about DC or the locals, DMV means= D.C., MD, VA because it is just easier and those 3 areas mesh together. And what an […]

So, we went to an early weekend of Farmer’s Markets!

So, Farmer’s Markets in D.C. area typically don’t open until May and they don’t close up until November. As this super cool farmer lady told us, there is competition to open them earlier and earlier. Well, whether all of the crops were ready on Saturday to be dug up or not, we (myself and ML), […]

So, it is harder surviving the wilds of the DMV than one might think… (warning, long and snarky)

So, the title of this post might be misleading. For those of you who aren’t a resident of the DC area or are not DC savvy, the DMV stands for D.C., Maryland, Virginia. I am sure that when you clicked on the post you thought Department of Motor Vehicles. I totally get it. So: Chevy […]

So, we have spent 2 entire days watching the 2015 Fairfax World Police and Fire Games

I will have to say that the games are quite phenomenal. Granted, we only went to opening ceremony and the rest of our time has been dedicated to basketball, but it has been impressive. Greece and Israel play straight up street basketball. I would never want to make those police officers angry if in their […]