So, these are some things to make a vacation easier and more pleasurable, at least for me!

So, I really like to be prepared when I go somewhere. Be it a walk down to the neighborhood pool, a day trip to the mountains, or going across the pond to Paris:). I like to have things to provide entertainment, keep me on a good track with my health, help keep a record of memories, store all of my documents or info in one place, and be somewhat prepared to ask locals info in the most intelligent way possible or to know what I am doing. These are a few pics of what I am bringing along to make this trip organized and swell:)-

The first picture below is a blank journal, so that I can write down thoughts, a poem, or just record something that I can read later to reminisce about how great that moment was. I planned on doing this in Italy and just never made it happen. I am going to make sure that this is on my person at all times so I capture all of the moments with not just pics, but words as well!

Cannot forget the fitness bands! I am bringing these little babies with me on the journey to keep me on the straight and narrow while traveling. I will be entering week 11 of my 90 day fitness plan when we head to the City of Lights, and of course I can’t eat clean while I am gone or do my fitness regimen totally. But, I am not going to skip it altogether either.

The French Book! First off, it is written with humor and has pickup lines, too funny. The price was right and I just happened to see it while perusing tables at Barnes and Noble (my 2nd home). I am the kind of person that knows a little of a lot of languages, and with French, I know the basics, but this book will get me through any situation with ease-there is a phonetic spelling underneath which helps oodles! I don’t want to sound too terribly ignorant when among the suave Parisians.

Okay, remember I am an organize freak right? So, Barnes and Noble not only has a dope travel section, but they have an organizational travel section. Win/win! My guy got me this cool clear bag set trimmed in Rose Gold and I am so excited about it! I plan to keep my phone in the small bag and the large bag will have all of our print outs for museums and plane tix and our passports. The only thing in my sling bag besides the journal and little else will be these clear bags so that I can not panic when it is time to show proof of who we are or where we are going! They are splash proof too meaning they will great when we head to the south of France!


Okay, I kind of lied. These little babies will be sharing a space with my phone. These are cheapies because my Samsung ones stopped working. Yes, I am an android girl! But, these have a mic, and I can hear media through them. Enough said! They are better than what the plane offers at least and what if the plane ran out? Travesty! I am purchasing another pair before heading out just to be safe! Peep how they match the bag a bit:) Only a coincidence!


Okay, who am I fooling? How much time will I spend reading on the plane, or at all while I am gone? Probably very little. When we went to Rome in November, I had such a good time watching all of the semi-cheesy movies that I didn’t want to pay for at the theater so I was up 22 hours. That won’t happen again because I was exhausted, but I got this awesome book to read for the trip to take a break from the screen. I love reading and this book looks fab and I get sleepy when reading, so yeah, I am taking it. But I may not bring the other 1 underneath. Trying to minimize the travel load!


This last item needs no introduction, and will make an appearance a time or two in one of our bags because I am a clean girl. Along with a hand sanitizer of course! These babies are great in a pinch, especially in a potty situation, but the guy said Paris has public restrooms galore and I won’t have to worry like I did in Rome with no toilet paper and barely anywhere to use it! These are a necessity!


I feel better after sharing these little details, because I always have travel anxiety about not bringing everything that I need. I am sure there are some things that I did not include, but I guess I listed what is important! The next post will hopefully show what I am packing, and how to carry on for an international flight. Why wait for your bag when you can make a mad rush to customs instead?

Thanks for reading!



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