So, Why do I love thee Atlanta?

So, Atlanta. Why oh why do I love thee? It’s complicated.   Honestly, you had me at Peachtree. Every time we went to the grand ole Capitol of GA when I was a kid I loved it. Even through my teen years, when I lived there for my first career jobs, and more recently visiting […]

So, Paris, you had me at Bonjour…

So, I thought Rome was all that and a bag of Utz and it is, but France with its wider than life boulevards and matchy-matchy buildings is a contender. I will start out by saying that I like the feel of the Italian lifestyle better from the 2 cities I visited in Italy (Rome and […]

So, a poem about going for it

At a meeting Trying to engage Keeping a smile on Feigning interest Pretending to be invested Longing to be inspired Knowing it is impossible Gotta have my own Until I do, I must suffer Creators are restless We need to do our craft Suppression is pain Sleep is kept at a minimal Unless the creation […]

So, the more I watch The Crown, the more I realize I was wrong about HRH…

So, I am of the generation of Lady Di, Princess Diana, Princess of Wales. I was a little girl in pigtails on the way to Camp Tomachichi and I was so sad because I could not stay home and watch the whole wedding. I was smitten from the very beginning. Her style, her grace, her […]

So, packing with a purpose for travel…

So, you have heard it before, I am going to Paris soon! Yay me! Part of any trip or any change requires effort. And this fabulous fantasy holiday involves me preparing for my trip way ahead of time. Who am I fooling? All of my trips involve me getting ready way before anyone else. But […]

So Ernest Hemingway, you rock- But why you treat me so bad???

So, I finally finished A Farewell to Arms by this literary genius called Hemingway. You may have heard his name a time or 2000. I personally love, love, love his writing style. It is plain-spoken and conversational and kind of odd, at least in this novel. Don’t know much about it? It is set in […]