So Ernest Hemingway, you rock- But why you treat me so bad???

So, I finally finished A Farewell to Arms by this literary genius called Hemingway. You may have heard his name a time or 2000. I personally love, love, love his writing style. It is plain-spoken and conversational and kind of odd, at least in this novel. Don’t know much about it? It is set in WWI in Italy and he is an American who became an Italian officer. I won’t say anymore. But the more I read, the more I wanted to read. He has a way of making someone stay interested know matter how weird it may seem at times.

The word clipped is what someone said about him and I honestly kind of get it, but at the same time it is refreshing to be different. Don’t you get tired of reading writing styles that are similar? What if everyone’s blogs were perfect and shiny and about only popular topics or what is trendy or cool? I personally would hate it so much. I enjoy non-conformity and out-of-the-box thinking. And honestly, maybe the wording and repeated sentiments were en vogue at the time. It was 100 years ago almost.

Anyway, I decided along with my bestie aka my guy, that we would read some classics and I have had this one forever. I just wish that I would have read this sooner. We are going to keep the traditon going by reading more of the old, because the new is just lacking in so many cases. And honestly, how can I call myself a writer, or an avid reader without starting with the pioneers? Don’t get me wrong, there are many good writers today, but I love the beauty and flow of the authors of the past.

So, put down what you are doing. Right now! Grab a classic. Learn something new or old? Like the saying: “what is old has become new”. And if you are an authority on classics, share your knowledge or suggestions. I would love to know what is truly a great read, and it would be cooler if it is something that you read for pleasure, not because you were forced to in school. But even if you did read it for educational purposes and really thought it was da bomb, spill. I am looking to broaden my mind.

Thought I forgot the part about why he (E.H.) treats me so bad? The freaking ending. It was just all dunzo and Ernest was like-peace out! The End. This great story and then bam. In your face with misery. If he was alive today, I would literally slap him. Get it? Literally!! Ha, ha. Okay, I’m done!😁😊🤣

Thanks for reading!



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