So, I got another side gig-low paying, but more money coming in so that’s good. As I was sitting through video training today, all I could think of was: Why am I sitting here? Why am I listening to this? The owner is fantastic-peppy and cute and I like her, but I was bored and uninterested in everything she had to say. She is so excited and passionate because it is her company, but the thoughts running through my head constantly came back to one central theme- what am I doing here?

I am sure that many people have felt this way. You may work for a great boss or a great company, but the feeling that you could and should be doing more has probably crept into your mind. Look at the guys who started Google, or Amazon’s founder. They had an idea, albeit a fantastic one (and I don’t have one that amazing), but, they went for it. They stepped out on faith and just did it! I don’t know if not stepping out on the narrow ledge of uncertainty is because people lack confidence or have fear. But they are equally debilitating!

So how do we become the ones leading a training, or marketing the next big thing or start the next company with virtually no overhead or physical product (Uber/Air BnB)? These are some ideas that I have found useful:

  1. Write Down Goals with Attainable Deadlines (start with small ones and work your way up)
  2. Take Action in Some Way No Matter How Small (register your LLC, get your business address box,)
  3. Buy Your Domain Name
  4. Spend an Allotted Amount of Time on Your Business (no matter how little, just put it on the calendar and make it part of your day)
  5. Consider Yourself the Person You Desire to Be (call yourself a writer/inventor/business owner, if you don’t believe in you, who will?)
  6. Stop Reading This and Get Started or Keep Working!! (no, seriously, no time like the present!)

I have made it through the list. Kind of. I have the address, the domian name, I am creating almost everyday. I still don’t have the LLC but that is next. I am not where I want to be, but I am trying. It isn’t coming fast enough because I don’t have as many hours to dedicate to it as I would like because I still have to work. But I am at least working towards my dreams. Though the race is slow, I am for the first time, dedicated towards being the person I am destined to be.

I wish you all well in all that you desire…




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