So, I am about to finally be divorced. It’s kind of scary, but I am OH SO G-L-A-D!!

Okay, in case I have not mentioned it to you before, I am not divorced. I have been dating for almost a year though. Before you get all judgmental on me, just realize I have been separated physically and geographically from my husband for almost 7.5 years. And, he has been living with someone for 4 years. So, I feel single, but of course not in God’s eyes.

I am so happy to get out of the marriage because he was a huge cheater and liar and not a good dad. He still is all of the above. I feel sorry for his woman now. What a chore she has on her hands. I think losing the health insurance is the scariest part for me because I know how expensive it can be.

That is so sad that after all these years of being connected with this person, that the insurance part is the only part that bothers me.:) I am so thrilled to do this, because my now boyfriend can truly feel like I am all of his. And, I am now not committing adultery in God’s eyes. And that is the most important part to me.

Wow, freedom. Sweet freedom. It has been a long, long, long time coming. So excited and anxious and weirded out. Now I can remarry! I am not bound to this guy spiritually or legally.The covenant will be broken as of this week! Praise God and time to truly start the rest of my fabulous life, filled with love and happiness and promise!



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I have tons of education and don't use it! I am non-traditional and traditional rolled into one person. I am a Christian, but need work! I am conservative fiscally, but I could care less who someone marries. My favorite things to do are: hang out with my kid, watch movies, read, write, sing, dance, love, live life to the fullest! I love: my kid, my cat, my best guy D, God, rain, chocolate, Christmas, friends, cats, animals in general, honesty, avocados, love, Hallmark channel, iced coffee, Harry Potter, NYC, England, Italy, D.C., Paris and autumn.

2 thoughts on “So, I am about to finally be divorced. It’s kind of scary, but I am OH SO G-L-A-D!!

  1. How did you end up waiting 7.5 years? It sounds like he was with someone for 4 and I guess that person didn’t care that he was still married?!?

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