So, I am watching the Super Bowl and it’s fun…

I have not been into football or professional sports in years. I used to be a die hard college fan of football and basketball when I was younger. It was also fun when I dated someone who was crazy about sports. It really made my interest increase because it was a fun thing that we could do together. But now, I mostly watch games during playoffs because it is exciting and it is rare for me to sit down on the night of any show or event and watch it  So, that is another reason I can’t keep up. It’s just not the same watching a football game the next day.

I know that the NFL is a big racket and that players are overpaid-BIG TIME. I also know that there is a huge amount of sex trafficking going on during the games which is so sick and sad. I don’t understand why there isn’t a huge crackdown of undercover cops during that time. Maybe there are so many people that it would be hard to stop it all. But still, stopping a large number of these monsters would send a message that it is not profitable to do that during the Superbowl.  I say all of this to say that I know that there is a dark side to events like these, and I am sad about that. But sometimes I don’t want to talk about those things or think about them.

I am a funny and sarcastic person with a great sense of humor and I love to laugh. But I spend so much of my time worrying about terrorism and all of the problems with and against police and how foul our politicians are that I just want to enjoy a game without thinking of the bad. It’s not that I am not concerned about serious matters, I just mentioned what a worry wart I can be about a lot of world problems. I think that I want to on occasion have a good time and not think about the negative or the sad or the dangers of something. We all have that friend on social media that only talks about those things. I briefly got onto Facebook tonight and saw it and said a prayer for the negative aspect of the Superbowl that they posted about and then logged off.

Does it sound insensitive? I hope not, because I am ultra-sensitive, but I am trying to compartmentalize these days, because if I don’t then I am literally overwhelmed. Does that make sense? If it doesn’t to you, it does to me. I have to let some things go some of the time. I do pray for Christians persecuted across the world, and post about it. I do feel so badly for so many groups of people in dire situations and I do what I can to help them by donation, or making people aware or either through prayer. But sometimes, just sometimes we have to take a step back (or at least I do) and enjoy our small lives that are just a speck in time and understand how short life is in the grand scheme of time.

So, though my team (for tonight) lost and I felt bad for them, I had fun. My daughter and I cheered and jeered. We had a new super spicy tomato soup recipe with grilled cheese:). I got my run in before the game and my daughter finished her project 2 weeks early. I made it to church today and then had a great time catching up with a friend at Starbucks. In essence. our day in our little corner of the world was good. I plan to enjoy many more days like it. Then there will be times where I try to take on the weight of the world. At least for tonight, I will act blissful and pretend the world is a bowl full of chocolate because my life for the most part is. Tonight, I will reflect on my good day and get a good night sleep and put on my super hero cape tomorrow.


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