So, time for Wednesday’s Wisdom, Wit, Wondering and Whatnot

So, yeah. My fave time and yours:) -WWWWW! Today’s installment will be a dose of Wisdom from Dee. My wisdom for the day is to appreciate who and what you have in your life. We have all heard this and seen this and read about this topic, many times. But as I have had SO […]

SO, another Seen, Heard and Experienced in DMV

So, once again I will let you all in on what is up in the DMV. Hope you all had a great week and Happy Friday! Here goes… SEEN At the corner of a very busy intersection and an interstate heading to D.C., there was an interesting man who decided to do a bit of […]

So, Netflix is more valuable to me than I thought…

So, Netflix is pretty flipping awesome. Besides the fact that I can watch Friends no matter where I am day or night and ridiculously amazing original shows like Master of None and The Crown, it keeps my racing mind slow down a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love music and sometimes when I am […]

So, why can’t people be happy for each other?

So, I have been a single mom for almost 9 years and before the ex-hubby was booted out, there was no real marriage. He was an adulterer, not mature, extremely selfish. So you can imagine that the ongoing behavior translated into not so good parenting and the whole absentee father mode. During these years, 99 […]

So, have you ever felt like an outsider with the insiders??

I don’t know how it happens, but sometimes I feel like though I have been friends with someone for a long time, I tend to be the outside part of the inner circle. Β I am no longer the needy person I was years ago, so if someone doesn’t stay in touch, I don’t try either. […]

In the spirit of being real…

People always say it is not a good idea to speak about religion and politics. But, if you are having a real conversation with friends or people that you are getting to know, doesn’t it make sense to put your thoughts/beliefs on the table? It is hard for me to hold back on these 2 […]

So, I find myself behind on my writing again

I am back. Tech week has started at my daughter’s big production in D.C. this week. That means that she has to be at the theatre 7 times this week and 3 next week. Roughly 75/80 hours in 2 weeks. It’s fun, but tiring. I haven’t written awhile. Been doing some soul searching and reevaluating […]

So, why don’t I practice what I preach some of the time?

I think it is because I am blessed with the gift of great intuition. I am also blessed with a heck of a lot of common sense. But today when I told my friend that she needs to cut some of the ties with her mom because she in her 40’s, I suddenly felt like […]

So, are some of us unlucky in relationships/friendships, or am I being tested over and over and over again?

So, I feel like myself and my daughter and myself are both the type of people who give and give and take very little, and we are almost always taken for granted. For instance, one of my best friends and my god-daughter came into town on a horribly busy weekend and stayed for 5 nights. […]