So, wow. Christmas is over and on to a New Year…

So, I am not super depressed that Christmas is over. I am usually so bummed but I am actually just tired and a bit stressed. I am always on and rarely have down time. I am actually going to work on better time management so that I can rest more. And some of the stressors are out of my control, so letting go is a must or slumber will not happen!

Anyhow, as much as I love Christmastime, the short time we had between Thanksgiving and Christmas made it a little less enjoyable this year, at least for me. I am ready (for the first time) to put most of my Christmas stuff away and plan for the New Year. And a part of that means organizing which I always love!

But honestly, when there is a less cluttered home, there is a less cluttered mind. And I have not been happy with all of the stuff that I have to look at every single time I walk in the door. From a picture that has been hanging up “forever” to those books I have not read and never will, I am on a mission.

A mission to clean out the cobwebs, submit those children’s books and get my health back on track. Because between the tangible items and the harried schedule, there is a lot of muck externally and internally that I am ready to release forever. Some of that entails feelings of guilt for things in the past and present and some is saying goodbye to toxic friends and family members.

I am not all like: “new decade, new me” because it doesn’t take a whole ten years for me to gain insight. But every year I reflect on what to do better and I sincerely try to implement what was not accomplished the prior year. For instance, this year I brought my credit up a ton and quit a super stressful job. I sucked with weight loss and sticking to a plan because I had (still have to a lesser degree) 2 physical ailments that prevented me from getting in shape. So 2020 will be focus on health as my number 1 priority. I also die not save enough for the future so that will be the 2nd thing I focus on.

I honestly can focus on a lot of other things too like not being so impatient with people or not carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. But I don’t make this unattainable list of goals every year. I instead try to list a couple of things that I can work on. That book submission will happen too, but one step at a time or none of my vision for a better me will play out.

What about you? What are your goals? Do you make a mental list every year? Or do you write it out vision board style?

Here are some easy ways to make your vision become a reality:

Do not work on too much at a time

You will set yourself up for failure if you get overly ambitious. But if you are a multitasking king/queen, then go for what you know! Just be realistic or you will be looking back in 12 months with a lot of unfinished projects.

Work on goals for you first-

When improving self, some consider loved ones immediately. How will it improve their lives? What positive affect will it have on them? But others can’t be the total Why. Be selfish for once and consider you. It is admirable to want to be better for others, but make sure it is not only about improving things for them.

Be honest about who you are and where you are (in life)-

If you are super deep in debt, taking that big trip when you are making minimum payments on your accounts may not be wise. If you want to make changes, following the same patterns will not do the trick.

As always, these are up to interpretation and may not work for everyone. Some of you may be like-” Who is she to guide us?” It’s true I am not the picture of perfection. But these are general common sense guidelines so take from it whatever you like. I know I am ready to be the best version of me. Who else is ready to take on 2020?

Let’s go!!



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