So, it is Wednesday’s W.W.W.W. time…

So, time flies! I can’t believe hump day is here. Again!

What can I say? As witty of a person as I am, I most often go on the deep side when I am writing. I plan for one thing and am always struck with emotion.

So, The Office is a show that we are all familiar with and most of us have seen it a million times-thanks Netflix! You are probably wondering how this could post could be serious when speaking about this crazy silly show. But in the very last episode, Andy of all people, said something so profound about how knowing that the moment you are in is actually the good time in your life.


I can so relate to this because I am sickeningly sentimental and also, I have throughout my life, paused and thought about loving the present and valuing it for what it is. I remember doing this on high school graduation night. Although I hated my hometown, I knew that graduation was monumental and that my life would forever change and I would move away and not be the same person.

The same holds true for tough parenting moments. I look at the shoes piled up by the door and the hailstorm bedroom and the many- “remember you are supposed to pick me up after this event”, during all of this chaos I smile. I know in a few years she will be in college an need me less and less and less. So though we have tough weeks and she drives me crazy, I stop to appreciate the madness because it is actually a precious time to behold.

I encourage you guys to do this same thing. For one thing, it distresses you when you’re aggravated and it helps you when years go by to look back and feel no regrets. If you’re in a crap job you hate,this fondness and appreciation of the now may not work so well. Time with loved ones may be a better subject matter to focus on. šŸ™‚

Try it. You will see the difference in your relationships and attitude about life in general.



*video courtesy of YouTube and The Office
*photo via YouTube and The Office

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2 thoughts on “So, it is Wednesday’s W.W.W.W. time…

  1. Love this post! It’s good to be reminded of this. Your Office reference reminds me of the movie As Good As It Gets. A teacher of mine pointed out the scene where Jack Nicholson asks everyone in the waiting area of his shrink’s office, “What if this is as good as it gets?”
    Profound moment. My teacher and I agree, thinks it means, if what we have right now, in this moment, is as good as it gets, then we better enjoy it and appreciate it.

    You’re right, I don’t want to look back and regret my life and life choices. I want to appreciate what I have, decisions I’ve made, and the path I’m on. And family! Yes! šŸ™‚


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