So, today’s post-Wednesday (Thursday this time), Wit, Wisdom, Wonderings and Whatnot!!!

So, this time I will offer a bit of humor by sharing some of my favorite comedic characters on television shows.

There are 3 characters that really, really amuse me out of the many many shows I have loved over time. I am not one who is easy to laugh nor do I find a lot of things funny. But these 3 are an exception to my astute taste.

Maggie Smith- Downton Abbey as the Dowager

This has to be my fave character of all time. And what is so great about her is that I feel like she is in real life similar to her on screen persona. She is hilariously insulting, but it is somehow endearing as she sticks the dagger in. And the beauty is that she says it directly to the person. She kind of reminds me of my mother in some ways:). But instead of the Paula Deen twang, she has Queen Elizabeth brogue. Even if you don’t think royals are your cup of tea, Downton Abbey is a flavor you may want to try because Maggie Smith is just that killer and bloody awesome. The one liners keep this somewhat serious and dramatic show, on an even keel. (Of course she is a big time British celebrity and has done far more than this show) Maggie Smith rules all! British, magical and beyond.

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Rainn Wilson- The Office as Dwight Kurt Schrute III

I don’t even know where to start. This actor goes above and beyond to become this insane/loyal/indescribable persona that you can’t help but love/hate. He strikes a balance between a strong alpha male who is very secure and confident and great at his job, meanwhile he is an annoyingly disgusting butt kiss and rule follower to a fault. But the loyalty is endearing and The Office would not be the success it is without Dwightisms. He just takes this character to another level and sometimes one pities him and at other times there is a desire to strangle him, sometimes within the same scene. Hard to achieve that balance! He is so good at being crazy that it is hard to imagine him differently outside of character. He makes loco seem cool. Rainn is a rockstar for sure.

Lucille Ball- I Love Lucy as Lucy Ricardo

When making this fun list, Lucy did not come to my mind 1st because she is just such a Queen and honestly obvious, it seemed a bit cliche. But the thought of a list without her feels just plain wrong. So many have been inspired by her style and natural goofiness. She is another person whom while watching her there is a feeling that this is part of who she is in real life. She is so funny with her phsyicalities and her expressions are like no other. When I was young and once read a story where she was entertaining some executives at her home and dropped a turkey on the floor before dinner and had to scramble in typical Lucy fashion to make it right. I can only imagine how frustratingly funny it would have been to live with her. She is the best comedienne of all time but I will write another post dedicated just to her because she is just that fab. If any person watched any episode of I Love Lucy and did not think it was funny, then I would seriously question their sanity. Lucy was a queen. Plain and simple.

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The Dowager, The Beet Farmer and the Zany Housewife. Wow, they could not be any more different and have absolutely nothing in common. What does that say about me? Well rounded? Hmmmm😁😁

What are your faves? How does my list measure up to yours? Would love to hear who your top picks are.



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