So, today’s post-Wednesday (Thursday this time), Wit, Wisdom, Wonderings and Whatnot!!!

So, this time I will offer a bit of humor by sharing some of my favorite comedic characters on television shows. There are 3 characters that really, really amuse me out of the many many shows I have loved over time. I am not one who is easy to laugh nor do I find a […]

So, what is it about theatre and tears, for me at least?

My kiddo has been in productions since Christmas, and I have seen an additional one as of yesterday and every time-tears!!! All of the plays have been so different, one that was sad about immigrating to America, but had tons of funny moments. One classic Broadway play, then Hairspray, and the one I saw yesterday-“Into […]

So, is there a fine line between positivity and being unrealistic and realism and negativity?

Okay, my kid is “in” acting. Meaning that she has been to a lot of classes and workshops over the last few years and has been in a couple of productions. She has auditioned for a few movie roles and commercials and she either did not get them because of distance, she wasn’t fit for […]