So, time for a poem or is it a story?

I toss away people like tissue on the floor

It keeps the hurt away and my heart from being sore

Protecting myself is goal number one

After so many disappointments I find it easier to shun

I want to be one who holds people near

But looking in my contacts there are few that are dear

I love the people I love with all of my might

I have unleashed my heart to them

The love I have inside is a sight

Because of past scars getting close is not a thing

I can’t let down my guard too much

Or let my heart soar and truly sing

I cry constantly at movies, books and songs with ease

But those are merely stories so my heart cannot be seized

I am a lover, a fighter, a softie yet tough

I open up and then back away so that no one can rebuff

I reveal myself to strangers more than to those I really know

It is easier to radiate me and all that I am

Then I can shine and truly glow

Those who think they know me I don’t reveal my truth

I keep it inside like a shiny bow

With a smile on my face and a strut in my step

Protecting me while remaining couth

~ simply


copyright March 19, 2019


4 thoughts on “So, time for a poem or is it a story?

  1. This is somewhat terrible: I decided to take Marie Kondo’s advice of getting rid of what doesn’t spark joy in my life to also apply to people too. I started tossing away the people that bring nothing good to my life like tissues too. What great imagery. I love the honesty in this one.

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    1. Iโ€™ve done the same thing with a friend recently. Iโ€™m still torn about if itโ€™s the right thing because sheโ€™s a long time friend, but when hanging out with them makes you stressed from planning to hangout, is it worth it?

      Isnโ€™t Deeโ€™s honesty so awesome! Everything you write Dee, is such truth! I love it.

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