So, Why do I love thee Atlanta?

So, Atlanta. Why oh why do I love thee? It’s complicated.


Honestly, you had me at Peachtree. Every time we went to the grand ole Capitol of GA when I was a kid I loved it. Even through my teen years, when I lived there for my first career jobs, and more recently visiting now as an adult with my own family.

I didn’t love Atlanta enough to stay in GA forever, since I have been gone for over 16 years. But I love the place for better or worse. It’s skyline and architecture thrill me. The path onto Peachtree from the beginning at 75 downtown, to the end in Buckhead. And Midtown, the obvious middle with so much history, beauty and splendor. I never tire of you. Well I at least enjoy visiting you every now and then.

We recently visited the 1st weekend of November since not going home for almost 3 years. Don’t be alarmed, my mom comes here a lot! So that is why is was so long. The only part of Ga that feels normal to me besides Athens or maybe Savannah, is Atlanta.

So, it was a logical choice to stay at the historic Georgia Terrace in Midtown Atlanta. The cast of Gone With the Wind stayed there when it premiered at the Fox Theatre across the street, that lets you know a little bit about how old this place is.

Seeing the Fabulous Fox out of my window and a side view of the glorious Bank of America building, made me miss home.

Don’t get me wrong, I love DC. The monuments are gorgeous and the history so rich. But because of regulations that buildings cannot be taller than the Washington Monument (that is one theory), there is no skyline. So though I love Grecco Roman Architecture, I also love modern buildings, hence my love for midtown Atlanta.

The weather in November was perfect and I loved how even the street lights were adorned with Southern cheer. Happy Fall Ya’ll was seen everywhere we went.

Though Midtown is definitely southern, it is also hip and feels like perhaps being in any city anywhere. You will run into people you may see walking around Williamsburg (Brooklyn), with their hipster kids and their cute pets. There are nice stores and really good independent restaurants to choose from as well.

We only got to eat at one of them on this visit because our trip was sort of a blur as it was over a weekend. We walked down near Piedmont Park, one of my fave places to be, and ate at The Flying Biscuit (

If you are the type of person that can’t be somewhere on time or is always running late, don’t eat at this place. You legit need to be there within 30 minutes after they open or you will be standing outside for quite a while. The food is not over hyped. It is ridiculously delicious and the portions are huge. The 2 plates pictured here for me, alone. You should have seen the table with all of our food! We did not eat again until dinner time!

Though the food and scenery are amazing, what is so awesome about Atl is just how nice people are. D.C. and surrounding suburbs sorely lack the nice factor. People in the south are made fun of for their speech and sayings and slow talking. But at least they are kind, cordial and courteous. They are not perfect, but manners are present. This is something that I miss so much on a daily basis. Even after 16 years of living away from there. Small things like people flashing their lights to warn of a cop on the side of the road. Or saying God bless you or yielding at a yield sign.

Atlanta has history, good grub, charm and grace. But the biggest treasure is the people. If you’ve never been, I recommend Midtown and please don’t believe the hype about Buckhead. Those days are over. I do forewarn you that June through September or October are hot and humid months. But November until May is just lovely. You may not want to take residence because it is not for everyone. Atl is definitely an acquired taste. But it has family friendly places to visit like Coke Museum and the Aquarium and shopping galore. Plan a trip and check it out, y’all might just want to stay for a spell.:)

And for the record, you do not pronounce the last t in Atlanta. That will make you stand out like a sore thumb.😊😊



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