So, I really love NOLA…

So, I really was impressed with New Orleans when I visited this week. Now don’t get me wrong, there were some shady characters standing in doorways and the voodoo stuff was a bit scary. But it is a cool city with a funky vibe and a personality like no other.

And the food is so big! And good and flavorful. Sort of like the way one feels when walking down the street with the impromptu bands. The raucous jazz music flowing out of open doors is inviting and contagious. So much so that 3 full days I was there I walked 25 miles while working and I stayed out even when I could barely keep my peepers open.

The chaotic rhythm was pulsing through my veins and I could feel it in my very soul, taking it with me as I fell asleep in the down bedding at my hotel. I wanted to explore every corner of the town and it was kind of exciting and terrifying doing it all on my own down streets I have never heard of. But the cool shops and funky and hauntingly beautiful facades had me mesmerized.

I felt like I was on the inside of a cool club that most visitors aren’t privy too. Do I sound like a mega geek? Probably am. But, the city with all of its flaws and though it fooled with my mold allergies, was a place that I will return soon. I may not be on the company credit card next time, but I will enjoy it nonetheless.

I didn’t mention the people. The people were so kind and cool and hospitable. It made me miss the good manners of the south and added to the charm of everything. But it wasn’t like GA south. It was like its own culture club, and I enjoyed being a part of it for just a few days.


If you haven’t been, please plan to visit NOLA, but keep an open mind and set your soul free”)



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