So, the more I watch The Crown, the more I realize I was wrong about HRH…

So, I am of the generation of Lady Di, Princess Diana, Princess of Wales. I was a little girl in pigtails on the way to Camp Tomachichi and I was so sad because I could not stay home and watch the whole wedding. I was smitten from the very beginning. Her style, her grace, her kindness. She was Mother Teresa with a royal twist.

Then when her untimely death rocked the world, I was devastated. Ironically, she and Mother Theresa died around the same time period. I remember exactly what I was doing when she passed, I was watching Evita. Anyhow, I never understood the iciness of the Royal Family and it showed even during Diana’s funeral. When my Lady Di was put to rest, I remember watching The Queen and loathing her.

Eventually I got past it, and continued to miss Lady Di but didn’t really think much about Queen Elizabeth again. When the movie “The Queen” came out, I saw her with a different set of eyes. I started to realize that she is human too. She,like everyone else, is the way she is because of what she has gone through.

I haven’t thought a bunch about her since until the wedding of Megan Markle and Prince Harry. Partly because unlike his brother with his perfect marriage, this wedding was ground breaking. First of all because Megan is bi-racial and secondly because she has been divorced. Other people in their family went through hell and had to abdicate or just not marry whom they loved.

I was impressed by HRH and also kind of mad at how she treated her uncle and sister in the past. But I guess even Lizzie has caught up with the times. As I finally finished Season 2 of The Crown today, I realized what a strong woman she has had to be, and despite her wealth and standing, she has not led a very happy life in some respects.

Now you may be saying to yourself: “poor little rich girl”. But she was sort of given no choice in becoming Queen. Her sister surely wasn’t up for the task. And she had to make a lot of tough decisions, and was given very little respect because she was young and a woman. She was only 25 and became one of the world’s most influential leaders in the early 50’s.

So, you can imagine that some people went out of their way during that time period to push her buttons because they did not think that she would push back. During this 2nd season, it was quite funny how she handled some pretty powerful players. But it is a show, so though a lot of it was history, it is hard to discern what is for sensationalism and what is real.

One thing that was hard to watch, was the infidelity of her husband. He utterly disrespected her on a regular basis. He was so full of lies and deceit that I would sometimes have to pause the show. It was quite nauseating seeing what a philanderer he was, especially with some of the native people that they visited on tours of goodwill. The subject of cheating was brought up so frequently on the show that there has to be truth to it.

So, how do we find out what is real and what is fiction? One thing I want to do is to get a stack of library books on the monarchy and find out everything I can about all of them, but especially about Elizabeth. There is a great book at Barnes and Noble called:


Yes, I am talking about B&N again. I am a bit obsessed:). I have skimmed this book at the store and it is worth the read and purchase. I am a sucker for historical fiction anyway, but to live in the time of a queen whom is still reigning and to see her life play out on the screen is so cool. What is even cooler, is to learn the inside track and truly know how events unfolded, I peeped a few facts already.

I can’t imagine having a show on about myself and my family and all of our secrets, lies and mistakes. Can you? I wonder how HRH feels. It is probably eerie and maybe even a bit annoying. Anyhow, I am getting the book. You should too, if you watched the show. If you have tried to watch it and feel that it is slow, you are right. It takes a little time to build up and be great, but when it does, the hits keep on coming.



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2 thoughts on “So, the more I watch The Crown, the more I realize I was wrong about HRH…

  1. Ooo! Can’t wait to see what you learn about the real behind the scenes of the royal family! I’m not very savvy on modern history but I wouldn’t doubt for a second that it hasn’t exactly been sunshine and rainbows–it never really is haha. Apparently most of the family loves the show (except for Philip, naturally) but who knows! 🙂 How do you feel about the cast change for Season 3?

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    1. I’m kind of bummed about the cast change. I am crazy about the actress who plays Elizabeth right now But you know one thing I learned about the family that shocked me the most? The fact that they are not true Brits! They changed their name from a German name to Windsor!

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