So, if who you know is what gets you a job, what if you don’t know anyone (with clout)?

So, ML was saying last night that one of the reasons I am not able to get a job that I deserve or truly desire is because it is all in who you know. I guess I don’t know the “write” people.:) I want to get a writing or editing job because I have done it for other people for quite a while. I have posted social media for a non-profit, editing for an author, and marketing for a political campaign. I am currently doing marketing for 5k, both social media, blog posts and email.

It has either been volunteer or short-term work and now I am ready to settle into a position. I have an interview this week with a CEO of a company to work remotely writing ads. I have no real experience in this, but I am hoping that I can wing it due to my previous experience. I am even trying to get a Google certification and study up so that I can actually do well if I get the position. If I don’t, I am hoping it will help me in the future.

I have two freaking Master’s, but because I have not had a lot of experience in a professional capacity working for a brick and mortar for the last 15 years, I am blacklisted immediately. Or so it seems. I had a great phone interview a couple of months back for a kind of boring local company and thought I would get it with no problem. But she said that she noticed I had done a lot of remote work and that she would have to run it by the hiring manager.

But what am I supposed to do? Lie like a rug? Pretend that I worked in a building instead of my laptop? Can’t people find out nowadays if I am not forthcoming? With Google and all of the ways to search someone’s background, it doesn’t seem beneficial for me to be dishonest, but what are my options? And honestly, most of us have embellished a bit on our resumes, so I don’t want to flat-out lie. It’s not like I don’t I have solid skills or experiences.

So what am I going to do to “fix” my situation? If you are in a similar pickle, below are some the things that may help. Hopefully we will get the career we want together! (these suggestions were brought about my convos with ML The Great)

  1. Put existing ideas/projects into action. I wrote a children’s book 17 years ago and have done nothing with it, so getting it published is going to be my focus. If I want to get noticed as a serious writer, if I publish a book and it even has mild success, then it will be easier to get hired as a writer.
  2. Attend conferences or join groups with other people.  I am now an introverted extrovert. This change in my personality has me not so thrilled about being around a bunch of different people and sharing my soul (my writing), but it is a necessary evil and will actually probably be enjoyable once I get past myself. Not to mention helpful and cathartic!
  3. Write, submit, repeat Even if you feel like your writing is not up to par to some major league authors, people got where they are by putting their work out there. ML was saying that I could start out submitting to Vanity Fair (for example) and see where it goes. I am not into magazines that much anymore, but you get his point. Enter contests, submit to an online magazine, keep writing and keep running your work past people, maybe one day it will stick!
  4. Write, write, write, write This is something that I need to work on! And this just doesn’t mean blogging. That means writing in a journal, poetry, short stories. Basically, write any chance you get, and all of it doesn’t have to be put out there. But practicing will perfect your craft and you will get better. At some point, the submissions won’t feel so intimidating because you will be that good!

As with all of my posts where I am listing steps of what to do, basically, advice about something, I am often making a note to self as well. These things may be something that you are already doing or have read before. But sometimes, just sometimes, that third or 30th time is the charm! So I hope that this post motivates you to reach for the stars and to become the writing rock star that you are meant to be!

If you like many people, enjoy writing as a creative outlet, that is fine too. But it is always nice to hone a skill or improve upon a hobby. No matter, spending time doing more of what you love is awesome and sharing it is even better. And there is someone out there who will benefit from what you have to say.







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