So, if you are truly miserable at work, these are reasons to go elsewhere…

So, if you are like me and have definite job dissatisfaction and feel that you are not only getting paid a lot less than you are worth, but your efforts are being sabotaged constantly, then you may want to get the heck out of dodge to a place that will make you happy. After all, we spend a third of our time at work. Shouldn’t we at least have an experience that doesn’t make us cringe before walking in or make us feel that we are making a difference or feel that someone appreciates our efforts?

Whether you are a chef, a CEO or custodian, you deserve to spend your days doing something you love, or at least doing something you believe in and don’t hate! Reasons why you should dip:

Not Being Paid Enough

Okay, this seems obvious. But if you are living paycheck to paycheck and you are a kick a– employee who is dedicated and goes above and beyond, then maybe you should leave. Go somewhere that will pay you more, even if they don’t appreciate you more than your current situation, at least you can pay your bills! Or, if you are like my guy and you are doing the jobs of 3 people, and the company doesn’t think that there is anything wrong with having you do all 3 roles even though they were originally paying 3 people for these duties. And then they have the nerve to tell you at your evaluation that you aren’t completing all of your tasks-well duh!??! How could you? Time to move on!!

Your Efforts Are Undermined (Daily)

I currently have an employer who constantly changes the way that she wants things done, we have all had that. But she has screwed up my progress and hard work, but on steroids! In other words, the damage is so bad that it can’t be reversed. She is that classic person that doesn’t know what she is doing and forgets what she says. So when things go asunder, guess who seems like the guilty party? Or, if you are a manager and you have your employees doing things a certain way, but someone from corporate breezes in  and makes major changes without running them by you. It not only affects progress, but how employees view you as an authority figure. Say sayonara. It probably won’t get better.

You Are Depressed When You Walk In

Have you ever had to steel yourself before walking into work? You know, give yourself a pep talk that it will only be 8 hours and you can do this and you get a paycheck, so chin up! Life is too short to find no satisfaction in what you do. If you are a half full and happy-go-lucky person, but you change into Stanley from The Office once you go to your 9 to 5, perhaps it is not only bad for you mentally, but healthwise too. And life is too short to be completely miserable in a place that you spend so much of your time. I have said it before and I will say it again-Move on! Find a job that doesn’t make you heave.

You are probably asking yourself, so how do I do it?  Don’t all jobs have their faults? What if my new job is worse than what I am doing now? I will give you some answers to ponder:

Answer 1Get your resume in front of everyone.

Use apps like Glassdoor ( or Zip Recruiter ( or the hundreds of other job search engines you can find through Google. These 2 are my favorites.  But using your spare time to look for new work instead of complain about your misery, can help you to change your circumstances.

Answer 2No job is perfect, but you have to try to find the job that is a good fit for you.

Whether you take a personality test to find out what you should do or try a new career or apply for something that actually has something to do with your hard-earned degree, try to do something that you have a genuine interest in or that you think you will be challenged by.

Answer 3- Yes, your new job could suck, but what if it doesn’t? 

Your new job could be the best job that you ever had. Or perhaps, it could be a huge improvement from what you have going on right now. Imagine that your new workplace will offer more pay and better benefits. Even if it is not your dream career, could be better than where you are. Life is all about chances, if we don’t try, we will never know!


If you have lost faith in working for “the man” like I have, do your own thing. Currently I am looking on Craigslist for virtual work because I have had luck in the past and love working on my own schedule. Or apply for gigs on Upwork ( You may not be able to pay all of the bills with one or both of these, but have multiple streams of income. If you are like me and don’t mind doing all kinds of things, you can walk dogs, babysit, become a personal assistant. The point is, you would still be working for someone, but you would have a lot of ownership and control in what you do.

If your dream is to have your own business, take baby steps. I just got my street address mailbox at the post office, I am applying for a LLC and I have bought a domain name. I still have to do this crap job, but I am setting myself up for bigger things. And they may not ever come to fruition, but I am going to try with all of my might.

Take a chance. Step out on Faith. Just Do It (courtesy of Nike). Never, Never, Never Give Up (Churchill). Maybe you will fail or not get very far, but what is the converse? Staying in a job everyday for the next 20 years that you simply detest???




P.S. This post was inspired by ML:)

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