So, when is it time to let go? When it comes to pets, the answer is all too difficult…

So, ML’s sister is constantly taking her dogs to the vet for surgeries, or at least one of them is ill and older and needs more care. I made the comment to ML that at some point, it might be more prudent to put the dog down. I know that sounds harsh or uncaring. But you have no clue how animal obsessed I am.

I am still thinking of a raccoon that I saw in the Bronx last June because I felt so bad for him because he was walking down the street confused, possibly because he was rabid. I stop and talk to deer. I have been known to take toys and treats to animals waiting to get adopted at PetSmart and I am head over heels for my fat Tux cat.

So yeah, I wasn’t trying to be cold when I mentioned that about her animal. I have just been through a lot with animals over the years. Sometimes even though it pains us to not have them in our lives anymore, we have to think about their feelings and well-being and put them first.  Because they don’t understand what is going on and have no say in any of it.

I had my gorgeous tortoise-shell cat for almost 2 decades and after a week of near seizures and fainting, the doctor told me to put her to sleep upon the first visit to him after she fell over. I told him that after they took the fluid off of her lungs she would be fine. After spending an entire night trying to spoon water into her mouth, I drove there, surrounded by family and friends and she got the injection. It literally killed me.

I never thought I could do something like that. After a week I put all of her things away, and never thought I could love an animal again. I still think of her often. She was around right after I moved away from my hometown and lived through 8 moves, a marriage and baby and a separation. She was my rock. But 6 months after her death, I adopted my current fat man kitty cat and I love him to pieces.

I dread the day when I have to make that decision for him and hope that it is a long, long time from now. But when it happens, I am hoping that I do what is right for him. Because as humans we can discuss what we want to do in regards to our health and we understand the repercussions. We know that when we go in for a surgery what the risks/benefits are. They have no say.

For instance, I pet sit 2 dogs a few times a week on average. One is probably 6 or 7 years old and is bouncy and responsive and energetic. The other dog is 14. He has glaucoma. He has pretty much lost his hearing at this point. He has no bladder/bowel control and has to wear a diaper in the house as of late because he has constant accidents. Does he have quality of life? I have to shake him awake when I come.

I am not God, none of us are, but when is enough, truly enough? I can’t answer that for anyone else, but when an animal can no longer groom or feed himself or jump on the chair or see the chair, it sounds like that pet is probably no longer enjoying life, but instead is just existing. I hate this subject, and honestly do not like to talk about or deal with death. But it is inevitable.

People that aren’t “pet people” do not understand how hard it can be, or even why it is hard. But if you do have an affinity for animals like I do, it can be so difficult to see them unhappy or in pain. It is heartbreaking. What do you think about this subject? What have your experiences been like? I would love to hear what other people think/feel about this.

Thanks for reading and please comment! Have a nice day and stay warm if on east coast. Today is beautiful and snowy here in D.C. metro.



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