Beware of mom’s with big smiles and bigger compliments:)

Have you ever met someone who went out of their way to compliment people and woo people in order to get someone to do what they like?? I try so hard to accept people from all walks of life, and all personalities. I really do. I want to be accepted for all of my idiosyncracies and quirks. But being conniving by way of flattery is very hard for me to swallow.

I was raised to be honest and nice and kind to everyone. I was also raised to be authentic no matter what, which means I can only take teeny tiny spoonfuls of crap at a time. I really try to be tolerant and diplomatic, but it is difficult when I can see through people like that.

My question is, am I cynical and judgmental or am I just adept at figuring people out? Do most people know that these people are the way that they are or do they fall for this kind of stuff? I think that some people let their egos get in the way of their brains because there are a lot of people who would rather hear good things about themselves rather than read between the lines.

Sorry to have not written awhile, and when I do I am venting. I just need to stop worrying about people or situations that I have no control over. Below is one of my favorite poems and I am so glad to see it where the author gets credit. I think I will meditate on this for a while. For those of you who have situations that you are frustrated with, this may be good for you too.



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