So, antibiotics are also mood lifting?

So, after my gloomy and doomy post, I have a more Deeish disposition to share today. I feel like a different person! I think between having a sinus and ear infection and my usual bout of thyroid issues, that is why I was so gloom and doom. After 10 days of antibiotics I am iut […]

So, the little things are what truly matter in the end-a poem for DJ

Listening to endless droning about my crazy job Taking the car to get repairs Calling to make sure I am in the Uber and safe Drying tears over feelings hurt once again An impromptu lunch to celebrate a small success Trying new things like apple picking to celebrate my traditions Buying me more new reads […]

So, I have decided to focus on the positive in this world full of negative…

Today, I am so happy and blessed and ecstatic to be alive. There are people all over the world who did not have that luxury today. There are people within the last week who have lost their lives, or the lives of their loved ones to these terrorists cowards. Heck, it happens everyday all over […]