So, another Manic Monday Motivation or Musing?

So, today is more of a Musing than a Monday Motivational spiel. Today the thought ran through my mind about how some people overuse labels about themselves. My mother always told me that if you are a certain type of person then you will not have to announce it to everyone. It will just be […]

So, it is WWWWW time again…

So, in today’s edition of Wednesday’s Wisdom, Wit, Wonderings and Whatnot, I will talk about -to be fluffy or not to be fluffy, now that is the real question! I realized that many times I post things on social media and get a lot of use but perhaps not responses. And that is fine, I […]

So, I have this restless desire to get EVERYTHING organized, stat!

So, I am a self-proclaimed organized person. But I haven’t truly been that organized over the last few years. If I had, my house wouldn’t have gotten so allergy ridden. I would have not accumulated as much crap as I have and I would be in better financial shape. But I am not perfect, so […]

So, social media sucks, except when it doesn’t

So, I may have not mentioned  it before that I met my love on social media.  If I haven’t said that before, well now you know. At one point, I was trying to get tons of followers on Instagram and hopefully do social media for some semi famous Instagram people. I was already doing editing […]

So, I didn’t mean to disappear…

So much has been going on! I am busy with “my men”haha and social media editing and selling for #itworks and nanny job and mom duties and home schooling. WHEW! That was a mouth full. So, I have been a bit preoccupied.:) I haven’t been on a date with the same guy more than once, […]

So, I am trying to stop talking to someone…

I have been talking to my friend on the phone that I found out was married a week ago. Again, the relationship over social media and other communication means was not inappropriate in nature.But, because the person is married and did not speak about it up front or ever bring it up, it makes the […]

Have people or events made you an emotional eater???

I didn’t consider myself the type to eat when I felt emotionally distraught. I mean I have binged on chocolate before if I was sad and if chocolate was around. But, I don’t go to the store to buy a certain food if I am going through something. I am constantly concerned about calorie intake, […]

So, how do people become so popular?

I know people online who have a quarter of a million followers. What on earth do they do to have that many? Is there a special charisma or that X-Factor that makes them stand out from the rest? I know that some people are just great singers or writers and some people are not shy […]

So, have you ever heard the phrase: The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away?

I am a total sucker for the beauty of the Olde English language, but that statement is both powerful and reassuring and scary. When I was standing in front of the ocean yesterday, I started pondering life in a big way, as I often do when I go to the beach. The enormity and vastness […]