So, I was listening to a podcast about lightness…

So, today I heard a Podcast by Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project. I found it because I met a new blogger ( who reminded me of what the Happiness Project is. I started this guided journal a couple of years ago but never kept at it, something I have done many time with journals (another story for another time).

In the podcast, the word lightness came up. It really hit home. I thought, wow, what a great word. The person on the podcast was talking about how lightness is what she is working on this year. If you think about it, it is quite genius!

Lightness can mean so many things. For me as an weight obsessed person, losing some poundage came to mind first. Then a whole plethora of other things came to mind such as cleaning out:

●material clutter

● cobwebs filled with guilt from mistakes past

●people from my life who add nothing

●rebuilding/maintaining friendships that do matter

●anger and resentment

All of these things equate to lightness and with lightness comes a clear conscience, mind and a clean slate. What more can one ask for? Who is in for a year of lightness? How about a lifetime?

Let’s go!!



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  1. I read that book! I need lightness too. I’m in the middle of decluttering. I need to get up and do that.
    And yes to maintaining friendships that matter. 🙂

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    1. Yes! You are already organized and so good at keeping up with people and staying in touch. You will rock it!


  2. Hi Dee,

    Thank you for the mention. I’m glad I inspired you!

    Lots of love and lightness to you!

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