So, all of this travel writing has me psyched…

So, as you may have read, I have been talking about my Italy trip in November with ML. I could write everyday about Italy for a long time because it made such an impression on me and is “my place”. Actually “our” place. We just felt like home there. And honestly, it was double exciting because it was somewhere he had not been. Well, this lovely man is whisking me and my “not so little one” to Paris in 3.5 months, so I am going with both of my best friends. Life is good.

Paris oh Paris. Another place that has been calling out to me since as long as I can remember. Not in the same way that Italy has, but it certainly has been a fantasy to go there with the one I love. With my teen in tow, it will have a bit of a different spin to the experience, but nonetheless I am stoked beyond belief! Besides being with my faves, being the animal lover I am, our apartment comes with the owner’s cat for the week. And the owner claims that we can see the 2 windmills from the window- we shall see!

We are staying where ML stayed before-Montmarte. It is a place where many famous artists lived and created. Apparently now, it is so pricey, that none of those artists would have been able to afford it. But as places get trendy, the prices tend to sky rocket. Check out this guy’s detailed post on Montmarte if you too are thinking of going to Paris or staying in this fab ‘hood. It’s kind of dope because we will be on top of the hill looking down on all the peasants. JK.

ML keeps making jokes about my hungry teen and all of the crepes and macarons she will eat and he pretends to call a French Council to prepare them for the large amount of money they will be making. But he is a pomme fritte fanatic, so I think that France will be making tons of money off of both of them. And though I am really working on getting super fit again over the next 3 months, not just for this trip, but I do want to eat tons of Brie and baguettes when I am there. And not eating wheat and dairy now will earn me credits for later!:)

I am actually going to be a cheap date because though of course I want to go to Louvre and other equally tourist places (Eiffel is a given), I told my guy that I would rather immerse in the local culture. That is what we did in Italy. The Vatican and Colosseum/Forum were the only places that we paid to see and had a tour of. The rest of the time, it was us roaming around and going by our “cool things to do for non-tourists list”. I plan on keeping up that attitude and tradition in Paris. Scenes from Montmarte ↓




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For those of you who have been to Paris or anywhere in France, let me know about your time there. Even though ML has been, it is always good to find out what other people’s experiences are, i.e., favorite spots or any tips that we don’t know about or haven’t thought of. We are possibly taking a train to a destination a couple of hours away, we haven’t decided yet, so if you know of a great day trip from Paris that would be great as well! Thanks for reading until, until next time…



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