So, can we ever be our own bosses? Ever?

So, during this daytime job that I am currently doing, I have a lot of downtime. Sound great? Well, yeah, but all I want to do is crash hard. I get so sleepy sitting here so sometimes I just listen to Netflix. I just finished watching Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. The main character wants to start her own gig with a close friend because she is so tired of working for others. Sick of changing her work for other people’s approval and really desiring to have ownership in what she produces/creates.

All I could think of when watching that was: Are we ever not working for someone else? I “worked for myself” for about 6 years and I can tell you that even though I was my own boss, it didn’t feel like it. Just because there was no one that I directly reported to, it did not mean that I wasn’t working for someone. If you provide a service for anyone, then you are in essence working for them because you have to please them. I feel that the only time that you are not working for someone is perhaps if you are doing art of some kind-writing, music, painting, etc.

This is the problem though, if you want to make real money at what you are doing, unless you are just this incredibly in-demand person that everyone fawns over, you have to do your work for “the man”. The man meaning the customer or client. I guess if one is independently wealthy, then they can truly work for themselves. Because if money is not a concern, then if the people who the service is provided for aren’t happy with it, it isn’t as big of a deal. Unless pleasing people is meaningful to the service provider.

I feel that we are only truly our own boss when we are doing work for ourselves and giving it all that we have with no regard to how other people perceive or value the outcome. For me, even if I feel that the work I do is stellar, I really do care about how the recipient of the service feels about what I did. So perhaps I will never truly be free. But there is always the independently wealthy angle:)




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2 thoughts on “So, can we ever be our own bosses? Ever?

  1. Downtime at work usually just seems to make the day drag on forever. Being busy seems to help the time fly by. So I’d much rather be busy then not!

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