So, have I mentioned my gorgeous and fab cat?

Our marvelously and fabulous is so big and so beautiful and we adopted him almost 3 1/2 years ago. This beautiful guy was marked down from an adoption fee of 100 to 20! He was considered unadoptable. He weighted around 19 lbs and had gluten allergies and hopped around from Humane society to shelter to this adoption group and Pet Smart. After all of that, our baby boy was upside down in his cage like a fat and happy Panda and looked at us in the cutest and most playful way. At that moment, I didn’t care that he was 4 plus years old or what he was allergic to or why he was so big. I instantly loved him! I found out recently when delving into is files that he is actually about to be 9 instead of 7. They were so desperate to get him a home that they lied about his age. I just don’t get why no one snatched him up as soon as his previous owner, an older woman who couldn’t care for him, dropped him off. Oh well, my gain!

Fast forward to Feb 2016, he is one happy boy. Down to 17 pounds, which is still considered overweight, but he is a tall and long cat so I am happy with it. He sleeps on an oblong pillow on the recliner, he purrs so loud that you can hear him across from the room, and he sleeps at the end of the bed at night. He is a gorgeously soft Tuxedo cat and since he is always dressed fancy, we gave him 4 names for his first name. It shows signs of how fancy he is. He goes by the proper name of Sir before the rest of his name because he is just that spoiled and worthy. So needless to say, we are super crazy over this fat male kitty cat that people for some reason overlooked. There are few phone calls that people make without asking about him, he is always near our side when we are home and when we go away for a few days, we have someone caring for him and checking in with us on how he is.:)

He has touched our hearts, and helped me to get over a cat that I had for 2 decades since I was a young girl. He is the poster child for why people should always adopt and never buy. I guess unless buying is saving an animal from a dangerous or abusive owner. There are so many rescue agencies for specific breeds and with so much over breeding, a lot of animals lose the great traits that the pedigree is famous for. Of course, the whole breeding thing is more of an issue with dogs, but my whole point is that adoption is so important with animals. Our big guy has a forever family, and he is so much a part of our hearts. There are songs we have made up about him, we post pics of him on social media, and everyone that knows us knows about our big guy.

This isn’t my usual kind of post, but I wanted to share an important part of my life, and since I don’t get super personal with details on here it is a big deal to me. Marvel at his pics, adore his beauty 🙂 and whatever you do when it comes to getting a new furry friend, please get a shelter pet or one from a rescue group. Okay, done with the PSA for the night. Thanks for reading, thanks for putting up with my multi-subject blog writing, and thanks for following.



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