So, when did people online get so mean???

I don’t know what it is about people sitting behind their pc in the privacy of their own home, but suddenly they become “Billy bad-a–” when they reply to comments. It’s like they are these big and fierce people when they are typing their insults, but I would love to see how they would respond to people in person.

So, there is this funny thing going around on social media right now with a stick figure that says: Hi, my name is blah-blah and I do yadda, yadda yadda. One person on the site made a funny comment and I responded in a funny way and put lol behind it and people started attacking me and her. It’s like, what the heck? Can we not make fun comments online without people going ballistic?

I think that many people are so so unhappy and so lonely and blame the world for those 2 reasons. That is why some people shoot up places because they have decided in their mind that the world is terrible and that everyone is against them, so they lash out. It starts with them being crazy aggressive online and then subscribing to hate sites and then they go postal.

I am not saying that everyone online will take it to that level. But sometimes they go off on a complete rampage over innocent and unimportant things. I usually tell them to chill the heck out and that it’s not that serious! Anyway, wanted to share my social media experience with you guys today. We walked in the snow and it literally took 20 minutes to walk less than half a mile! Crazy! So now we are relaxing and getting ready for dinner. Have a happy Sunday evening and a blessed week ahead! Type to ya later!



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2 thoughts on “So, when did people online get so mean???

  1. I left Facebook on January 1 of this year. This post exactly explains one of the many reasons why I left.


    1. I have played with the idea and I have deleted it several times. But, I have some people on there that I am so connected to. So, I guess to those that I am not, I will have to say goodbye! And no comments on forums on there I guess. Kudos to you!

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