So, we have spent 2 entire days watching the 2015 Fairfax World Police and Fire Games

I will have to say that the games are quite phenomenal. Granted, we only went to opening ceremony and the rest of our time has been dedicated to basketball, but it has been impressive. Greece and Israel play straight up street basketball. I would never want to make those police officers angry if in their country. They are scrappy to say the least. Australia is an awesome and beautiful place, but basketball is not their sport. The 2 games we saw, they lost by at least 50 points. And Greece, they are very good actors when it comes to playing ball. They fake get hit or tripped to force the other team to get a foul. They play dirty ball. Hong Kong is surprisingly good! This has been such a fun experience going to all of these games for free! It’s like the olympics are in town and it is not breaking the bank. There are over 50 sports, so after b-ball finals on Tuesday, I will be reporting on the next sport I am obsessed with until the games end on July 4th.

And lastly, I am so proud of my DC shields team. They are really on point and holding their own. It has been 20 years since I have been this into basketball. But it is fun seeing people in your community that are protectors, show their stamina and power against other powerful protectors. There is a sense of pride too that comes with knowing that the police in our area are not only good at their jobs, but talented in other areas as well. DC police have 2 more basketball games tomorrow, and after my car checkup, we will be right their cheering. There are a lot of people we know that are not interested in these games and I don’t get it. There is so much value in going to not only community events, but multi-cultural and worldly events because there is always something valuable to learn.

Well, enough of sports talk, which is not usually a part of my repertoire. So, I am more all over the place than usual.:)

Good night



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