So, a fake stage mom called my daughter a bully…

This is so laughable. She is jealous of my daughter’s talent. She is trying to make her daughter and star and her daughter isn’t actress material. It is so sad and so pathetic and I can’t believe parents put their children through all of this crap. If my daughter did not love it, I sure as heck wouldn’t drive to rehearsal 5 days a week. We spend 15 or more hours there a week and this play is only community theater. If this mom is pissed because my daughter won’t let her kid stand in front of her when she’s not supposed to be there or when my daughter refuses to be pushed around, how would she act if this were a Broadway production? Stage moms are freaking crazy!!!

My sleep is all out of sorts, so of course I am online thinking.

Tonight’s thoughts: I would rather be blunt and real and honest with myself and others than speak in sugary tones and tell people what they want to hear in order to get ahead. I would rather gain things by merit and talent than coerce people by compliments that are empty. I am teaching my daughter the same thing. I learned it from my mom and for that I am proud. I can’t be fake and I don’t want to be. I have had to tone my opinions and attitudes down over the years because it is part of growing up and also because I don’t want to be overly hurtful or cruel to people. But I am glad that I learned the balance of treating everyone with kindness while at the same time not allowing people to treat me like a doormat.

My daughter has adopted this tendency and as a female, being outspoken and taking up for yourself is frowned upon. Wasn’t it Beyonce that did not want to hear the word bossy anymore? When it’s a girl taking a stand, she is being unreasonable or even a “bully”. But when it is a guy, it is merely taking control or just being a guy. On a website about banning bossy, this was a quote: “I’m not bossy. I’m the boss.” I have always called my kid a CEO as a joke because she has always been so self-assured and confident. I am proud of that, just like all of you should be proud of whatever personality your child has developed as long as they are respectful and kind and treat people with decency. So, because of all of the drama some of the mom’s have started about myself and my kid, I decided to write about it. (By the way, did I mention that my kid filmed a commercial for a national network last week? Stage mom found out, and everything went downhill since Wednesday, including our “friendship.”)

The most important thing is to be true to yourself and to teach that to children whether you are a parent, a God parent, an aunt/uncle. The worst thing to do is to teach a child that they are always right, that they are never to be accountable for their actions, and that everything that does not go their way is always someone else’s fault. I think one of the biggest problems with this generation is that their parents say yes to them all of the time and this creates children who are utterly devastated when other people call them out on their mistakes or heaven forbid-say no to them. My kid gets in trouble, my kid admits to her mistakes, and she knows she is not perfect. Parents are not doing themselves or anyone else a favor by sugar coating their kids lives. I may be a home school parent, but thank God I protect and love my child without being a micro-managing helicopter parent.

It’s so funny, as I type this, I feel some of the words my mother has said to me over the years appear on the screen. Have a blessed and happy Monday and work week and live your life out loud no matter what people may say. There will always be naysayers. Stay positive and pray, no matter how hard it may be. (Tough, I know)

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