So, there is a mom in my daughter’s play who is so delusional that she thinks my kid is a bully!

Have you ever seen a kid who gets along with everyone and smiles and laughs and has tons of friends and rarely complains? My kid. Not joke. I am the polar opposite. I am kidding! Sort of! No seriously, she is a much better version of me. I used to be just like her. I was trusting and loving and interested in having tons of friends and never met a stranger. Now I am still friendly to people and kind to everyone, but I can go off in a snap if someone is ugly to me, or to defend myself or my child. Maybe it is a mother hen thing?

So, long story short, I have an easy going kid. She is sweet and fun and super smart and rarely has problems with anyone. Enter, someone who feels she is competition. This person is less mature and less experienced in acting and in a lot. She is sweet enough, but her mom has poisoned her mind to feel that if my kid is standing in front of hers that it is a bad thing. The director has my daughter in the front a lot because she listens and takes direction well and KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING.:)

This woman gets visibly angry if she feels that her kid is being upstaged. She is somewhat of a friend, so it is tough. But Saturday during a performance, she said why is your daughter standing in front of mine? She wasn’t there yesterday. The reason for that is, the day before her daughter didn’t think that she was in a good position to be seen, so she just moved. She doesn’t care that it is a play. It’s like: “If I am not seen, then I will fix it.” What makes it bad is that they do subtle things that the director may not notice and her mom says subtle things, but she is not bold enough to really confront the issue. So, instead her mom tells her daughter that my kid is a bully and not to let that happen.

If it wasn’t so funny, it would be too sad to type. If everyone in the play was asked to point out a bully, my kid would be at the bottom of the list. How does one deal with such a mom? Is this the definition of a stage mom? If the location of the play was closer, I would come home and do things and pick my kid up to get away from the drama of it all. I made my ex go and take her tonight so I didn’t have to see or deal with it.

In the scheme of world issues, this is nothing. But in the scheme of my life, it bothers me that people are so crazy and jealous and obsessed like this. It is scary that there are people like this walking around pretending to be so sweet and kind and Godly and they have other motives. Please pray for me that I can shake this crap off because this kind of thing really does bother me. I absolutely hate it. I am just saying to myself: “Eight more rehearsals”. When the play comes along, I will be volunteering and busy and can overlook this crap a bit.

As my late, great grandmother said-ANYWAY…



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I have tons of education and don't use it! I am non-traditional and traditional rolled into one person. I am a Christian, but need work! I am conservative fiscally, but I could care less who someone marries. My favorite things to do are: hang out with my kid, watch movies, read, write, sing, dance, love, live life to the fullest! I love: my kid, my cat, my best guy D, God, rain, chocolate, Christmas, friends, cats, animals in general, honesty, avocados, love, Hallmark channel, iced coffee, Harry Potter, NYC, England, Italy, D.C., Paris and autumn.

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