So, how can I tell my kid that looks do not matter when they clearly do most of the time…

My daughter was just submitted for a role that asked for a very pretty girl. It kind of sucks that was a requirement, but isn’t that is what people are looking for most of the time no matter whether it is show biz, the restaurant business, or pretty much any business?

Of course, the acting world is the worst. I remember when my daughter was 5 and was getting approached a lot about print/acting, one of the websites said that the child must be weight appropriate. That made me push away from all of this foolishness for nearly 4 years. I am not that parent that is pursuing this.

The whole reason my kid got into it is because people approached her about it, and she wanted to do what kids on Sesame Street did. But, I was always worried and not happy about the false reality of the industry. My kid is not pencil thin. She’s got baby fat, and I don’t want her to, nor will I let her have a bad body image because of some jerks opinion who by the way are usually overweight and unattractive themselves.

So, I will have to remember to tell myself and my child that to the world, looks may matter. But to God and to those that truly count, what is on the inside is the most important thing…

Just food for thought…



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2 thoughts on “So, how can I tell my kid that looks do not matter when they clearly do most of the time…

  1. Hi Dee,

    Thanks for your like on the Louis A. Dole Sermon Archive. This post of yours caught my eye because of a question one of my readers asked, which I responded to in a post titled It’s not fair that God made some people incredibly beautiful, and others just average! Perhaps you’ll find the thoughts in it helpful in talking to your daughter as she gets older. The pressure on girls, especially, to be beautiful as society defines it is intense.


    1. Thanks so much. It is such a mixed up world when someone can be so rotten on the inside, yet be favored because they are easy on the eyes. I have even caught myself gravitate towards attractive friends which is absolutely ridiculous. Of course I was younger, but I am ashamed to admit it. Thanks for the info, I think it will help!

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